Guide oversized garbage of Rubeshibe autonomous district garbage classification

December 8, 2016

  • It is garbage which collection cannot carry by normal garbage collection including large garbage and durable consumer goods which do not enter "garbage not to burn" bag.
  • We cannot take out "oversized garbage" to garbage station.

Home electric appliances

Plane, satellite dish, stereo with rice cake

Home electric appliances

※ TV, refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, air-conditioner, clothing dryer is products subject to the Home Appliance Recycling Act eye.
(please refer to products subject to the Home Appliance Recycling Act eyes for disposal method)
In addition, usable thing concedes to desired person, and let's utilize thrift shops.

※ If it is product targeted for small Home Appliance Recycling Act, in the case of special collection (free) of used small household appliances, we can bring into collection place directly.

Living board, sofa, desk, chair, bookshelf, chest, dressing table
Bicycle, oil stove, futon, Snow dump

How to dump a large-sized waste (before buying oversized garbage processing ticket at first by application!)

  • Or person that door-to-door collection is hoped for, please propose call to Rubeshibe general branch office citizen Environment Division directly within three days before collection day. Please let know contents of address (place of house), full name, phone number, garbage on this occasion.
  • Please note that you cannot appoint collection time.
  • Please send to place (the doors) that made arrangements by 8:00 a.m. on collection day.
  • It is once a month on collection day. Please see "garbage collection calendar".
  • We can carry in oversized garbage to disposal ground (Kitami-shi [Rubeshibe autonomous district], Kunneppu-cho, Oketo-cho wastes last disposal ground) directly in the Tomioka last. (For more information, look here.

    ※ When discharge on coarse collection day is difficult, by unavoidable circumstances including moving, please talk with Rubeshibe general branch office citizen Environment Division (TEL 42-2110).


Waste disposal fee

  • It is one point of 300 yen regardless of kind of oversized garbage.

(example), in the bed, one point, bicycle is one in one; one point, ski set in ski and stock one point, golf club in bag and club one point, futon with two pieces one point, balcony for drying clothes with stand and prop with one point, pole five including one point (as for other how to put out, please see "garbage classification encyclopedia".)

  • Please purchase oversized garbage processing ticket (one piece of 300 yen) in designated bag dealer.
  • As oversized garbage processing ticket seals, please put seal on place with a view of oversized garbage to take out.

    ※ As you do not collect oversized garbage which you do not put oversized garbage processing ticket on, please be careful.


Rubeshibe general branch office citizen Environment Division
Person in charge of environmental hygiene
telephone: 0157-42-2110