Discharge method of garbage

July 9, 2018

Eco-RonDischarge method of garbage

There was a charge for household waste (garbage, garbage, oversized garbage not to burn to burn) from November, 2004. Please start with designated garbage bag, processing ticket by all means.

  • We sell designated garbage bag, processing ticket in supermarket in the city, combination two, home center.
  • In addition, we sell in city hall Waste and Recycling Affairs section, Aiuchi branch.
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Garbage to burn Garbage not to burn

◎But when protection and hygienic handling of privacy are necessary, enter paper bags, and you fold as small as possible and put in the designation garbage bag, and please provide.

Kind and amount of money of Kitami-shi designation garbage bag

 Designated bag (for garbage to burn)  Designated garbage bag (for garbage not to burn)
Capacity One piece of area Ten pieces of one set Five pieces of one set
8 liters of bags 16 yen 160 yen  
15 liters of bags 30 yen 300 yen  
30 liters of bags 60 yen 600 yen 300 yen
45 liters of bags 90 yen 900 yen 450 yen

◎We sell only 30 liters of garbage bags not to burn, 45 liters with five pieces of one set.


Kind and amount of money of Kitami-shi designation refuse disposal ticket

Garbage not to burn One piece of 100 yen It is sale of one piece of unit
Oversized garbage One piece of 300 yen

◎Refuse disposal ticket not to burn uses processing ticket to thing which receives, and goes out of designated bag.

※Thing which protrudes from designated bags such as branch, broom, scoop of tree,
  You bundle up in about 10 kilograms or less, and you put designated refuse disposal ticket for garbage not to burn, and please provide to garbage station.


◎We apply for oversized garbage beforehand and put oversized garbage processing ticket and become collection from door to door.

※We cannot take out oversized garbage to garbage station.
  We apply to oversized garbage receptionist center (22-0053) beforehand and we make arrangements and put processing ticket and push discharge days forward at home.


Lists of dealers such as Kitami-shi designation garbage bags

About volunteer bag

Volunteer bag    When park, road, gutter by neighborhood associations cleaned public place, we can take out garbage using volunteer bag. Please apply to Waste and Recycling Affairs section, Environment Division, social movement section, branch, branch office, Public Service Center for required one. In the case of large quantity, please contact Waste and Recycling Affairs section beforehand.



Waste and Recycling Affairs section
Person in charge of enlightenment
telephone: 0157-67-7676
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