How to make humus of fallen leaves

February 8, 2011

Eco-RonHow to make humus of fallen leaves


We encourage to make fallen leaves humus for reduction and CO2 reduction of garbage in Kitami-shi.

Fallen leaves which there is not of being cleared up even if we vomit even if we vomit when it is time of fallen leaves.
Does even meaning of effectively utilizing not make humus than we provide to garbage?


Humus of fallen leaves made easily introduces becoming.

An example of thing to prepare
Bucket, fallen leaves, soil
Water (it depends on dehydration condition of fallen leaves)
We mix rice bran (organic maturing accelerant (soil enzyme activator)) elsewhere and may use)



Fallen leaves illustration Fallen leaves suitable for the making of humus
 We can use fallen leaves of broadleaf tree in anything.
 It is oak, leaf of Japanese oak that is particularly good.
 As for the fallen leaves of Kitami-shi, most are suitable for humus
Fallen leaves which are not suitable for the making of humus
(conifers such as), hinoki, Kaya who are hard to be able to be corrupt to include cedar, pine (nicotine)
As there is tree class including material inhibiting germination and growth of plant in thing which is juicy, and resin is included, and is hard to be able to be corrupt, ingredient included in fallen leaves (Japanese larchs) with fallen leaves which are unsuitable for fallen leaves humus, please do not use.




 poribake with fallen leaves, cover

  We prepare tsu, rice bran.




Photograph polyester bucket


 Make ventilation in polyester bucket better

   saseruta activated with aerobic bacteria

   We pierce with meni drills.



Photograph polyester bucket 1


 If make a hole in the side, in bottom

   Of five places of ends around 20 places in total 

   We pierce.
   Cover does not make a hole.


Photograph polyester bucket 2


 We put soil in the bottom of the polyester bucket a little,

 In thickness of around 20cm fallen leaves

 We put.



Photograph fallen leaves 1


 Rice bran is caught 2 by 1 holder

   We add quantity to the whole of this and put.




Photograph fallen leaves 2


 Soil and fallen leaves and rice bran for alternation

   We put and we step well and harden.

 The whole fallen leaves can only moisten

 We pour water.


Photograph polyester bucket 4


 We perform 6 repeatedly and are to one cup     We do cover (vinyl) to tara, polyester bucket.




Faucet illustration


One month later, we stir the whole. We add water if dry.
We stir afterwards around once in 3-4 months.

Sprinkler illustration


If we become black, and form of fallen leaves comes to slightly remain, approximately one year later, it is completion.



Photograph fallen leaves 3
Because you can make plastic bag (thick transparence garbage bag of around 45 liters), Styrofoam box with various containers, as well as bucket, please try.




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