Introduction of main business approach about illegal dumping

July 12, 2016

 Introduction of main business approach about illegal dumping


  Environmental learning (we explain prevention of illegal dumping)
◎ There was learning request about environment from Kitami City Takaei Junior High School and held environmental learning party about "the illegal dumping situation of Kitami-shi" on September 15, 2009.
Feedback was sent by student who participated in environmental learning
"We did not think that it became so heavy crime when we threw away garbage" 
"We never do such a thing even if we become adult" 


We learned about Takaei Junior High School first grader 85 participation, illegal dumping for around one hour on September 15.
Photograph 1 Photograph 2


Prevention of illegal dumping poster notice
 (we had you make six pieces of posters in learning)

Photograph 3 Photograph 4


"Surveillance camera" is set up  by surveillance camera loan business of Ministry of the Environment Hokkaido region environment office 
We installed in place where it was easy to be abandoned in Kitami-shi.
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Waste and Recycling Affairs section
Person in charge of enlightenment
telephone: 0157-67-7676
facsimile: 0157-67-7677