List of parks of Kitami-shi

April 2, 2018

Park position figure (as of H30.1) [PDF: 14MB]

Flower paradise, Hikarino Gentle breeze Park, Notshkeushi Park, Syo Park
Summary of park

 Park in Kitami-shi opens all at once every year on April 29. There is multi-purpose park, district Park, neighborhood park, block park in the city according to purpose, size, and there are park cemetery and green tract of land, city park and Shinrinkoen again.

Seasonal flower paradise yaonneyu which various flowers and trees are waiting for civic arrival, and can overlook cherry tree in spring

While, as for hot spring Azalea Park, the summer, bathing in Notshkeushi Park which can do Tokiwa Park and boat play with pond, strong sunlight in summer; with child

There are incense ryanse parks coloring herb which can play with water together.
 Fountain of Syo Park is got close to as citizen's oasis. Tokiwa park in Tokiwacho 6chome is park with big pond of residential area. We can get into boat in Notshkeushi Park of Koenchou.
 If want to set foot in the murmuring; is Hakuyou-cho nikaketeno from authority of authority of stone Hokkaido Univ., Izumi Komachi, Sakaemachi Park, authority of Yuuhigaoka, Minamicho

There is Eastern green road. In addition, even fountain in front of art culture hall, fountain of incense ryanse park can play with water.
 We play with water with child while taking summer strong sunlight. It becomes water from June through the end of August during establishment period of facilities to get close to.

Neighborhood park
(13 places)
Neighborhood park comprehensive residential estate [say area of about 1km square (100ha in area) sorted by road, river, railroad.] The use intends for inner inhabitants and, from infant to elderly person, plans maintenance of exercise facilities and recuperation facility, mall for walk, facilities planting as park which wide layer can enjoy. It is located at one place per one comprehensive residential estate.
1 Miyoshi Park Miyoshicho 4tyome 8 Komei Park Komeicho
2 Azalea Park Koueihigashimachi 4chome 9 Nakanoshima Park Mitsuba-cho
3 Tokiwa Park Tokiwacho 6chome 10 Syo Park 1, Kita-4-johigashi
4 Koeiminami Park Koueinishimachi 9chome 11 Ainonai Park Ainonaicho
5 Miwa Park 1, Higashimiwa 12 Miyamakita Park Miyama-cho west 1
6 Hodi Park Hodi 13 Koizumihigashi Park Koizumi
7 Futaba Park 4, Futabacho      


District Park (three places) The use intends for inhabitants in district (four comprehensive residential estate bundles and area that we did), and district park is park established for recreation such as exercise, rest. It is established one place in range where inhabitants in district can be active on foot.
1 Miyama Park Kagetsucho 3 Tonden Park Tokiwacho 2chome
2 Koeikita Park 4, Koueinishimachi, 6  


Multi-purpose park (two places) Facilities for rest, walk, game, nature appreciation are parks established generally, and it is located with big aim depending on city scale that multi-purpose park provides nature and place touching to citizen.
1 Midorigaoka Park 4, Midorigaoka 2 Notshkeushi Park Koenchou


Exercise park (one place) Exercise park is located depending on city scale in park which is established because citizen offers for one of exercise.
1 toryo park Toryocho      


      Park cemetery (two places) Park cemetery is place in memory of the deceased, and citizen takes a walk and considers to be able to enjoy outdoor recreation such as rest and maintains.
1 Midorigaoka cemetery 4, Midorigaoka 2 Kitamigaoka Cemetery Kawahigashi, Wakamatsu, south hill


Green tract of land city park
(nine places)

As for green and the walk while we touch close, heart calms down.
Eastern green road has hydrophilic facilities and is city park that the murmuring affects pleasantly.
Green tract of land maintenance, improvement of natural environments, relaxation such as pollution and improvement of cityscape

We are established to plan. In addition, there are green many streets, and it be in citizen's oasis

We go down.

1 Tokoro river water system green tract of land Koizumi - Ainonaicho 6 Tabata contact park Tabatacho
2 Wakaba green tract of land 4, Wakabacho and 7 7 Komachi contact park 6, Hokushincho
3 Futaba green road Futaba-machi - Midoricho 8 Eastern green road Minamicho - Hakuyou-cho
4 Flower paradise Wakamatsu and Kawahigashi 9 Kamitokoro Milky Way Park


5 Horican green road Higashimiwa - Nishimiwa      



Shinrinkoen (three places)

Shinrinkoen meets many animals and plants by overflow walk in nature, and edible wild plant collecting

It is park where we made use of nature to enjoy in.

Lake Tomisato Forest Park Lake Tomisato Forest Park Administration office address
393, Fusato

Management ridge telephone 0157-33-2520
There is by car from JR Kitami Station to approximately 40 minutes, and, in park, nine bungalows, rest areas, campground fully equipped with kitchen, restroom, multi-purpose open space are maintained and, in "forest of rest under dike of dam," can enjoy park golf.
 In addition, we can enjoy forest bathing in forest where fir, silver fir and Japanese oaks grow thick and can come across many wild birds.
 About Shinrinkoen that is in city, designated manager "Kitami wide area forestry owners' association" performs maintenance administration.
 In addition, about inquiry about events of Shinrinkoen, please call to designated manager (telephone 0157-23-7425).
Midorigaoka Forest Park Midorigaoka Forest Park 4, Midorigaoka This park is called popular name "triangulation point" and is used for walk and edible wild plant collecting.
In addition, designated manager "Kitami wide area forestry owners' association" performs maintenance administration.
Minamioka Forest Park Minamioka Forest Park South hill We can come across many animals and plants while overlooking Kitami Basin.
In addition, designated manager "Kitami wide area forestry owners' association" performs maintenance administration.


 Block park (136 places)

Is established targeting at inhabitants in block (service radius, a radius of 250m), of local communication

It is used as place.

1 Minamimachi 1st Park Minamimachi 1chome 71 Kosei aozora Park Koseichou
2 Minamimachi 2st Park Minamimachi 2chome 72 Nakanoshima iseki Park Nakanoshimacho 3chome
3 Minaminakamachi Park Minaminakamachi 2chome 73 Nakanoshima Megumi Park Nakanoshimacho 4chome
4 Motomachi 1st Park Motomachi 3chome 74 Sakaemachi Park Sakaemachi 1chome
5 Yamashita Park Yamashitacho 5chome 75 Miyama Contact Park Miyamacho South 5chome
6 Kotobuki Park Kotobukicho 2chome 76 Sinsei Nobinobi Park Shinseicho
7 Miyoshi 2st Park Miyoshicho 5chome 77 Tabata Horsetail Park Tabatacho
8 Miyoshi 3st Park Miyoshicho 9chome 78 Sanji Park Minaminakamachi 1chome
9 Motomachi 2st Park Motomachi 5chome 79 Hokuocho Four leaves Park Hokuocho
10 shirakaba park Tondenhigashimachi 80 Sanrakucho Willow Park Sanrakucho
11 Izumi 1st Park Izumimachi 4chome 81 Ainonai Children's Park Ainonaicho
12 Seigetsu shirakaba park Seigetsucho 82 Shunko Hikari Park Shunkocho 3chome
13 Aoba Park Aobacho 83 Shunko Midori Park Shunkocho 4chome
14 Shunko Megumi Park Shunkocho 7chome 84 Aobadori Park Omachi
15 Pearson Park Saiwaicho 7chome 85 Hokko ichii park Suehirocho
16 Shunko Wakaba Park Shunkocho 6chome 86 Hokko Cherry tree Park Mukagawacho
17 Sanraku Park Sanrakucho 87 Shunko tyuo Park Shunkocho 5chome
18 Kashiwa Park Tokiwacho 2chome 88 Miyama Wild grass Park Miyamacho east 4chome
19 Kiyomi Park Kiyomicho 89 Miwa Children's Park Chuomiwa 6chome
20 Article 4 park Kita4jo-higashi4chome 90 Koueihigashimachi Contact Park Koueihigashimachi 2chome
21 Fuji park Banbacho 91 Miyama Acacia Park Miyamacho South 6chome
22 Central park Kita4jo-nishi1chome 92 Miwa Oak Park Chuomiwa 3chome
23 Acacia park Saiwaicho 4chome 93 Midorigaoka 1st Midori Park Midorigaoka 1chome
24 Saiwai Park Saiwaicho 2chome 94 Kawahigashi Center Nikoniko Park Kawahigashi
25 Tonden 2st Ppark Tondenhigashimachi 95 Hokko Peace Park Suehirocho
26 Tonden acorn Park Tondennishimachi 96 Futaba Yayoi Park Futabacho 2chome
27 Tonden 4st Park Tondenhigashimachi 97 Hokushincho Sakamichi Park Hokushincho 5chome
28 Tonden Tsukushi Park Tondennishimachi 98 Bunkyoucho Good friend Park Bunkyocho
29 Kotobuki Nakayoshi Park Kotobukicho 3chome 99 Koizumi Sakai Park Koizumi
30 Sakuramachi Park Sakuramachi 4chome 100 Shunkochou Sunflower Park Shunkochou 2chome
31 Kouei Acorn Park Koueinishimachi 7chome 101 Mukagawa Friend Park Mukagawacho
32 Kouei Matsunoki Park Koueinishimachi 10chome 102 Midorigaoka Forest of nature Park Midorigaoka 2chome
33 Midorigaoka Maple Park Midorigaoka 3chome 103 Miwa Nova Contact Park Higashimiwa 2chome
34 Midorigaoka Hamanasu Park Midorigaoka 6chome 104 Komeichou Blue sky First Park Komeicho
35 Wakaba Sakura Park Wakaba 1chome and 2chome 105 Komeichou Blue sky Second Park Komeicho
36 Wakaba Karamatsu Park Wakaba 3chome 106 Hokushincho Hokushin Contact Park Hokushincho 4chome
37 Wakaba Walnut Park Wakaba 5chome 107 Koueihigashimachi Good friend Park Koueihigashimachi 4chome
38 Wakaba Katsura Park Wakaba 7chome 108 Hotsuko Triangle Park Hokko
39 Katsuramachi Suzuran Park Katsuramachi 5chome 109 Hotsuko Good friend Park Hokko
40 Miwa Dandelion Park Nishimiwa 5chome 110 Taisho Dawn Park Taisho
41 Miwa Erimaki Park Nishimiwa 2chome 111 Shinsei Good friend Park Shinseicho
42 Kouei Refreshing Park Koueihigashimachi 1chome 112 Taisho Forest Park Taisho
43 Hokushin Aozora Park Hokushincho 1chome 113 Miwa Hope Park Chuomiwa 2chome
44 Shunko Mutsumi Park Shunkocho 5chome 114 Miwa kaisei Park Nishimiwa 5chome
45 Suehiro Takenoko Park Suehirocho 115 Toryo Lark hill Park Toryocho
46 Tokiwa Fist Park Tokiwacho 4chome 116 Katsuramachi Katsura Park Katsuramachi 3chome
47 Tokiwa Chestnut tree Park Tokiwacho 5chome 117 Miwa Peace Park Chuomiwa 8chome
48 Tokiwa Hannoki Park Tokiwacho 6chome 118 Miwa Good friend Park Chuomiwa 4chome
49 Nishitomi Spring breeze Park Nishitomicho 2chome 119 Miwa Contact Park Nishimiwa 1chome
50 Tokiwa Mulberry tree Park Tokiwacho 5chome 120 Seigetsu Heartland Park Seigetsucho
51 Miwa Violet Park Chuomiwa 6chome 121 Hanazono Tire Park Hanazonocho
52 Midorimachi Platanus Park Midorimachi 2chome 122 Nishimiwa Fraternity Park Nishimiwa 3chome
53 Midorimachi Elm tree Park Midorimachi 3chome 123 Kitagami Contact Park Kitagami
54 Midorimachi Poplar Park Midorimachi 6chome 124 Chuoumiwa Sunflower Park Chuomiwa 3chome
55 Izumi Good friend Park Izumimachi 3chome 125 Higashiainonai Guruguru park Higashiainonaicho
56 Izumi Wanpaku Park Izumimachi 2chome 126 Hokko Fist Park Hokko
57 Minaminakamachi Wind child Park Minaminakamachi 1chome 127 Mukagawa Good friend Park Mukagawa
58 Kawahigashi Hogaraka Park Kawahigashi 128 Sky Miwa Park Chuomiwa 3chome
59 Nishikimachi Three leaves Park Nishikimachi 129 Hakusen Contact Park Namikicho
60 Futaba Sunflower Park Futabacho 1chome 130 Kawahigashi Yamanote Park Kawahigashi
61 Miyama Muthumi Park Miyamacho South 6chome 131 Hikarino Moisture Park Hikarino 1chome
62 Toryo Green Park Toryocho 132 Hokushin Cosmos Park Hokushincho 7chome
63 Midorigaoka Honobono Park Midorigaoka 2chome 133 Kawazoe Rice Park Kawazoecho
64 Hokushin Morning glory Park Hokushincho 7chome 134 Hikarino Gentle breeze Park Hikarino 7chome
65 Nakanoshima Nozomi Park Nakanoshimacho 2chome 135 Hikarino contact park 2, Hikarino
66 MIwa Sunflower Park Higashimiwa 3chome 136 Hikarino blue sky park 4, Hikarino
67 Kouei Hokusho Park Koueinishimachi 8chome      
68 Kouei Sunflower Park Koueinishimachi 3chome      
69 Kouei Triangle Park Koueinishimachi 9chome      
70 Yuhigaoka Good friend Park Koueinishimachi 1chome      

☆Miwa Violet Park catches gratuitous loan of national land from Ministry of Finance (Hokkaido Local Finance Bureau Kitami branch office).

Park of Tannocho, Kitami-shi
1 Hiushinai Children's Park Tannochohiushinai
2 1ward Children's Park Tannocho-1-ku
3 2ward Children's Park Tannocho-2-ku
4 Tanno children's park Tanno, Tanno-cho
5 3ward Children's Park Tannocho-3-ku
6 Kawamukai children's park Kawamukai, Tanno-cho
7 Kyowa children's park Tannochokyowa
8 Chushi Children's Park Tannochochushi
9 Toyomi children's park Toyomi, Tanno-cho
10 Hokuto Children's Park Tannochohokuto
11 Hiushinai Healthy Square Tannochohiushinai
12 Forest and tree village Tannochochushi
13 Forest Park of cherry tree Tannochokyowa
14 shirakaba second park Tanno, Tanno-cho
15 Housing complex first Park of rainbow Tannocho-3-ku
16 Housing complex second Park of rainbow Tannocho-3-ku
17 Itoshino Apartment complex 1st park Tannocho-3-ku
18 Itoshino Apartment complex 2st park Tannocho-3-ku
19 Hiushinai Park golf course Tannochohiushinai


Park of Tokorocho, Kitami-shi
1 Central Children's Park Tokorocho character Tokoro
2 Benten Children's Park Tokorocho character Tokoro
3 Sakaemachi Playground Square Tokorocho character Tokoro
4 Hermanus housing complex children's park Tokorocho character Tokoro
5 Hokushincho children's park Tokorocho character Tokoro
6 Morning sun housing complex playground equipment open space Tokorocho character Tosa
7 Minamicho children's park Tokorocho character Tosa
8 Sakaeura children's park Tokorocho character Sakaeura
9 toufutsu playground equipment open space Tokorocho character Sakaeura
10 New Nishimachi housing complex Park Tokorocho character Tosa
11 Toyokawa district farm village Park Tokorocho character Toyokawa
12 Hiyoshi district farm village Park Tokorocho character Hiyoshi
13 Tosa district farm village Park Tokorocho character Tosa
14 Sakaeura multi-purpose plaza Tokorocho character Sakaeura
15 Tokoro Forest Park Tokorocho character Higashihama


Park of Rubeshibe-cho, Kitami-shi
1 Asahi Park Rubeshibechoasahikouen
2 Miyashita children's park Miyashitamachi, Rubeshibe-cho
3 Good friend Park Rubeshibechoasahichuo
4 Shinchan Park Higashimachi, Rubeshibe-cho
5 Onneyu west children's park Rubeshibechoonneyuonsen
6 onneyu hot spring Azalea Park Hanaoka, Rubeshibe-cho
7 Toyogane park Rubeshibechotoyogane
8 Yachiyo Park Rubeshibechotoyogane
9 Central park Rubeshibechokamimachi and Nakacho
10 Onneyu East Park Rubeshibechoonneyuonsen
11 Asahihigashimachi Children's amusement park Rubeshibechoasahihigashi
12 Asahiminami housing complex children's park Rubeshibechoasahiminami
13 Park housing complex amusement park Rubeshibechoasahikouen
14 New park housing complex amusement park Rubeshibechoasahikouen
15 Hot spring dream open space Rubeshibechoonneyuonsen
16 Kamimachi housing complex child amusement park Rubeshibechokamimachi
17 Matsuyama housing complex children's park Matsuyama, Rubeshibe-cho
18 Sunflower child amusement park Rubeshibechoonneyuonsen


jinkoro peppermint park

Peppermint park

Facilities summary
Place Seeing from Nikorocho, Kitami-shi 301 ... Kitami city, seeing from approximately 5.5km, Tanno city, it is almost located in 3.3km, hill country of jinkoro in north-northwest, distance in a straight line in due north, distance in a straight line.
Management ridge phone number 0157-33-2646
Clean water facilities We offer Yusui open by film filtration method from August, 2001 and start.
Peppermint palace Peppermint palace spent time of three years at old residence of peppermint broker Yaichi Igarashi in 1937 and was constructed. This residence was used until May, 1986 and we transferred in the park in 1994 and restored.
Peppermint farm We install, and, in field of 4000m2 adjacent to park, we are managed by designation manager "jinkoroko rino society". In the meeting, we aim at community revitalization "which was particular about" peppermint and demonstrate a series of work from the planting, management to the distillation. The distillation removes and builds pot (used jointly in area until the 1960s) of farmhouse of jinkorojiku in park and distills after the crop drying.
Work hut There was work hut (shed) to use around as many cases, machine hangar, farming preparations, break place of farmhouse house. We reproduce hut which hangs in Taisho - 10, Showa generation excited by peppermint economy, and was generally seen. Farming machine which there are two in, life article are displayed.
Peppermint park map



Parks and Greenery Section
telephone: 0157-25-1139
facsimile: 0157-25-1262