Infants child care contact business

November 1, 2018


Infants 2

                        Would you like to come to the children's house, child center in parent and child?♪

       Let's enjoy contact with parent and child and friend♪



                                       ☆★☆We carry out "infants child care contact business" in child center☆★☆ 


                   In time in children's house, child center in Kitami-shi without the use of primary schoolchild of from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00

                   Prepare for playground equipment and picture book and large space so that infants parent and child can spend time happily

                   We look forward to.

                        Please use casually without minding weather as you can play anytime.



                                            ☆★☆How is it available? ? ?☆★☆  

Infants 1

    ☆Child of protector (father, mother, grandparents) and infants uses together.

    ☆In set, even friends can enjoy contact freely.

    ☆It is available as activity and place of exchange in group and group.

    ☆We can enjoy contact with other parent and child when we participate in interchange program to carry out in each hall.

    ☆Please note that carry-on of snacks is not possible.

                                ※For more details, please see this flyer.

                                                 ・Flyer list [PDF: 177KB]         The flyer back [PDF: 172KB]           



          Please refer to the following "infants letter" for program of each hall.
          ※It is free play on day except program enforcement day.

      Letter November issue


Takaei child center [PDF: 101KB] Three-wheeled child center [PDF: 91KB] Hokko child center [PDF: 131KB] Miyama child center [PDF: 117KB]
Baby child center [PDF: 79KB] Minaminakamachi child center [PDF: 141KB] ton denjido center [PDF: 86KB] Miyoshi child center [PDF: 80KB]
Sanraku child center [PDF: 128KB] East child center [PDF: 97KB] Koizumi child center [PDF: 92KB] Aiuchi children's house [PDF: 72KB]
East Aiuchi child center [PDF: 68KB] Tanno sun native children's house [PDF: 92KB] Tokoro children's house [PDF: 170KB] Rubeshibe children's house [PDF: 68KB]


  We take news from children's house from this



Children's house, child center Program enforcement day telephone:

Takaei child center

10-12-2, Koueinishimachi

Every Tuesday 0157-22-2131

Three-wheeled child center

1-31-1, Higashimiwa

Every Thursday 0157-61-5261

Hokko child center

181-1, Nishikicho

From Monday to Friday a week 0157-25-6322

Miyama child center

9-36-179, Miyamachominami

First 3.5 Thursday 0157-24-9411

Baby child center

3-3-9, Midoricho

Irregular 0157-36-7994

Minaminakamachi child center

2-3-34, Minaminakamachi

4 second Thursday 0157-23-6845

ton denjido center

5-13-1, Tokiwamachi

Every Wednesday 0157-24-8651

Miyoshi child center

4-1-37, Miyoshicho

Every Wednesday 0157-23-4933

Sanraku child center

198-2, Sanrakucho

Every week month, Thursday 0157-23-2040

East child center

14-2, Koenchou

Every week water, Friday 0157-24-4406

Koizumi child center

6-1-20, Shunkochou

Every Wednesday 0157-23-8291

Aiuchi children's house

109-3, Ainonaicho

From Monday to Friday a week 0157-37-2677

Tanno sun native children's house

454-7, Tannocho-3-ku

Every Friday 0157-56-3803

Tokoro children's house

Tokorocho character Tokoro 557-1

Every Thursday 0152-54-2056

Rubeshibe children's house

Rubeshibe-cho Asahi three wards 197-106

Every Monday 0157-42-2635


Youth Division
Person in charge of children's house
telephone: 0157-33-1846
facsimile: 0157-25-1621