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March 27, 2011

About publication contents

Kitami-shi manages this homepage and runs.
For details, please see official regulations about management administration of Kitami-shi homepage.

Please send opinion, feedback about this homepage to section hearing civic voice.


As a general rule, copyright of this homepage belongs to Kitami-shi.

It violates copyright we copy content of this homepage without permission, and to reproduce.


Personal information protection

There is no that we use personal information that had you fill out in this homepage for other purposes entirely.



We are absolutely sure about contents published in Kitami-shi homepage, but Kitami-shi does not take any responsibility about all acts that user performs using information of our homepage.

In addition, we do not take all responsibility for the damage, loss that covered because user accessed Kitami-shi homepage under any circumstance in Kitami-shi either.

Link policy

In the case of homepage that non-Kitami-shi manages link kept watch on in this homepage, the contents do not reflect intention of Kitami-shi.

Link to Kitami-shi homepage is free.

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