About wearing of car seat

July 4, 2016

You must wear seat belt including rear seat during car ride in all seats as well as driver's seat and passenger seat.

We let you wear car seat which build included as responsibility of parent when we let child take, and let's protect life of child from danger of collision.


High-risk car seat non-wearing

  1. When we just sit down: At the time of collision and hitting the brakes, we may be thrown out into outside a car.
  2. When we are held in the arm: When it is the worst, background substitutes child for air.
  3. When we do seat belt :At the time of accident, belt hangs over neck, face, stomach, and child may be killed or injured.


Car seat has three types to build of child basically.

  1. Baby sheet: Until 0 years old - nine these past months. As neck does not sit down, it becomes type of Bet type.
  2. Car seat: Until four months - about 4 years old. It becomes temporary type if we come to be able to sit down by oneself.
  3. Youth sheet: Until about 4 years old - about 6 years old. It is type that seat belt for adult can use by raising the height when sitting.
It is baby sheet for infants It is car seat for infant It is youth sheet for child



Right installation, right wearing are union cards

  1. As for the car seat, wearing to rear seat is basic.
  2. We fix in seat well so that skewness, wobble are not given.
  3. Shoulder belt prevents you from slacking to health.
  4. To buckle, it comes in surely well.


Car seat uses thing which adapted to standard, thing of shape depending on growth degree.

  1. We do not damage seat and seat belt.
  2. When we were shocked, there is little fear of obstacle.
  3. We can fix to seat well.
  4. We can facilitate putting on and taking off.



Civic Life Division
Person in charge of road safety
telephone: 0157-25-3588