Please use; when "do not see road" "station square" "Yamashita rotary open space"

July 4, 2016

Please use; "central promenade" (when do not see, load) "station square" "Yamashita rotary open space"

"Central promenade" (we load when we do not see) linking station south district to central city area, permission application is necessary "station square" to use "Yamashita rotary open space" in the center city area.
Please contact city Construction Department Road Administration Division [Phone: (0157) 24-9311] for consultation about detailed contents.


When do not see; the road south side front
[when we do not see the road south side front]


Station square
[station square]


Yamashita rotary open space
[Yamashita rotary open space]



Road Administration Division
telephone: 0157-24-9311