Kitami-shi foreign student study support gold supply system

February 8, 2011

For foreign student registered at universities in the city, it is system to support study, research activities to promote globalization of Kitami-shi.

It is targeted for supply

We have address in Kitami-shi and are person filling the next condition with foreign students of (including junior college, special vocational school) such as universities in Kitami-shi.

  1. Person who is registered at universities in the city as of April and plans being on the register roll sequentially until March in the next year.
  2. Person that the head such as universities admits that improvement of studying abroad result is planned by receiving study support gold with excellence with studies, person.
  3. Person whom social position of public funds foreign student and foreign government dispatch foreign student does not have.
  4. Person that city taxes do not have nonpayment.

Supply amount of money, the supply number of people (2016)

  • Supply amount of money 200,000 yen (annual sum)
  • 15 supply number of people

Benefit period

We do with one year (until March from April to the next year) and we distribute twice a year in (July, December) and provide.

Supply method

Through universities to be registered at, we accept application.

Supply decision

We consult with screening committee establishing particularly and decide the right or wrong of supply immediately.

Report of transfer

When we lost receipt qualification or when there is transfer in important matters such as temporary absence from school, suspension from school, person receiving decision of supply must report immediately.

Supply break, return

When person receiving decision of supply corresponds to one of each next issue, you break off supply of money of support or please return.

  1. When falsehood was discovered in the items mentioned of application.
  2. When we were absent for temporary absence from school or long term.
  3. When we cancel supply decision, and it is admitted that it is suitable to let you return money of support.
  4. When we lost requirements as person targeted for supply to set of supply summary.

Schedule until supply decision

  1. The beginning of April:  Notice of offer (Kitami-shi ⇒ universities)
  2. The end of May:  The offer deadline (universities ⇒ Kitami-shi)
  3. The end of June:  Notice of supply decision (in Kitami-shi ⇒ universities the person)
  4. The end of July:  Support gold transfer (the first) (the Kitami-shi ⇒ person)
  5. The end of December:  Support gold transfer (the second) (the Kitami-shi ⇒ person)

System summary (English version)

English version [PDF: 111KB]



Social movement section
Person in charge of international exchange
telephone: 0157-25-1105
facsimile: 0157-25-1016