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March 4, 2020

1.Fishery-related schedule

2.Fishing port in Kitami-shi

3.Use of fishing port of pleasure boat

4.Fishery-related statistical data

5.Affiliate homepage



■Fishery of Kitami-shi Tokoro district

Fishery of Tokoro district"Scallop kingdom" where scallop of about 40,000 tons a year is unloaded in Kitami-shi Tokoro. Scallops brought up in Lake Saroma and the Sea of Okhotsk are known as the highest quality including glycogen wealthily, and they are exported to the world. In addition, other than scallop, salmon, trout, persimmon, hokkaishimaebi, various fish seeds including sea urchin are helped draw water


■The "fishery to bring up" advanced ground

Fishery to bring upFrom "fishery to catch" to "fishery to bring up". Tokoro district establishes the original aquaculture method and scientific resources administration by long study from prewar days. We are known as "the birthplace of aquaculture technology of scallop". It is method called "shirinsaisei" harking back to crop rotation "of" field that supports scallop increase of Tokoro. This divides the Sea of Okhotsk of the Tokoro coast into four sea regions like crop rotation carried out by dry field farming and discharges spat of scallop which we brought up in Lake Saroma while moving sea region every one year. We prevent indiscriminate catches of childish scallop by performing unloading from sea region where we released to four years ago and realize close management of resources.


■Fisheries distribution, processing

Fisheries distribution, processingAgainst a backdrop of abundant fishery resource, fisheries processing is prosperous in Tokoro district. Dried adductor muscle, hanritsukusuburiyuzuke of scallop are known as special product on behalf of Hokkaido and are worked on curry of scallop, original development of products including Tips of scallop. Various fishery products supply equipment is in Tokoro to store with maintaining the freshness of fishery products, and to stably supply to market. Above all, Tokoro fishermen's cooperative association ice making freezing factory catches authorization as "HACCP (HACCP) facilities" which are high-quality hygiene security facilities quickly from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.



1.Fishery-related event schedule

Month, day Event contents Time Place
The beginning of March Scallop operation ship security Rogation Days 8:30 In front of Tokoro fishermen's cooperative association market
The middle of April Big catch Rogation Days 10:00 Tokoro Shrine
The middle of May Fry discharge type 10:00 Hiyoshi incubation ground
The middle of May Scallop spat discharge work start   Sakaeura fishing port
The middle of June Tokoro rescue place commuter pass training 15:30 In front of Tokoro fishermen's cooperative association market
The middle of August Person of sea disaster memorial service 10:00 In front of person of sea disaster memorial service monument
The beginning of December Fish holding a ceremony for the dead 10:00 Dragon temple
January The Tokoro district wholesale market "first Japanese parsley" 10:00 The Tokoro district wholesale market

2.Fishing port in Kitami-shi

(1) Fishing port (jurisdiction and manager: Hokkaido) in Kitami-shi
  A Tokoro fishing port    
    The second kind fishing port June, 1951 Fishing port designation
  i Tokoro river mouth fishing port    
    The first kind fishing port October, 1952 Fishing port designation
  Cormorant Sakaeura fishing port    
    The first kind fishing port August, 1961 Fishing port designation
  Oh Lake Saroma fishing port    
    Best Hukou in fourth kind fishing port March, 1988 Fishing port designation
    Fourth kind fishing port second Hukou June, 2001 We appoint as ward for Lake Saroma fishing port
The first kind fishing port The use range is thing mainly involving fishery of hometown
The second kind fishing port The use range is wider than the first kind fishing port and does not belong to the third kind fishing port
The third kind fishing port Thing that the use range is nationwide
The fourth kind fishing port Thing which is particularly necessary in development of fishing ground or evacuation of fishing boat in remote island or other out-of-the-way places


3.Use of fishing port of pleasure boat

Fishing port is thing which was maintained for the purpose of originally accommodating fishing boat to use for fishery production activity as base of fishery, but it is necessary to receive permission of the mayor when we use fishing port as far as we do not have problem in fishery production activity. When you use fishing port, using the following style, please submit required document to Marine Products Section after attachment. In addition, please refer to manual of Hokkaido or homepage for attached documents in detail as you may be omitted by applicant. Please ask Marine Products Section if you have any questions.

[style] (1) Permission to use designated (instructions) facilities application ([PDF: 7KB])

    (2) Use of land consent form ([PDF: 4KB])

    (3) Vehicle confirmation matter ([PDF: 3KB]) when we use boat trailer ship Ageba (slipway)

    (4) Use of ship ship consent form ([PDF: 4KB])

[submission method] Mail or bringing

[destination] 〒 090-0024

      4-6, Kita-4-johigashi, Kitami-shi, Hokkaido second share the third floor of the government building

      The Kitami-shi City Hall Agriculture and forestry Marine Products Department Marine Products Section 

[use fishing port] Tokoro fishing port ship Ageba

[manual] 2020 (2020.4 month) ([PDF: 664KB])

[Hokkaido homepage] About use of fishing port of pleasure boat


4.Fishery-related statistical data

   Fishery-related statistical data [PDF: 10KB]


5.Affiliate homepage

   Homepage of Tokoro fishermen's cooperative association



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