The child medical expenses furtherance

July 31, 2017

☆From August 1, 2017, the monthly basis ceiling of residence tax taxation household was changed☆


In Kitami-shi, we support a part of medical expenses to affect medical service under health insurance when children from baby to junior high school graduation received medical treatment at hospitals.

Registration application of receipt qualified person is necessary to receive the furtherance.

※My number card (personal number card) of applicant (protector) and target person or notice card, identity verification documents of applicant (protector) are necessary for various procedures.
○Identity verification documents (when person who was able to come to window is agent identity verification documents of agent)
 Be over one point; of potato: My number card (personal number card), driver's license, passport, disability certificate
 Thing which two points are necessary for: Health insurance card, care health insurance card, pension book, identification of medical expenses recipient

Target one

Child (until first March 31 after day to reach 15 years old) until junior high school graduation

・Person who is doing resident registration in Kitami-shi
・Person who takes out health insurance
・Person who is not on welfare
・One that does not enter facilities in protection children required
・One (it is said with "person of living maintenance" as follows) that mainly maintains living that the amount of income is less than the ceiling of list shown below in the previous year (the from January through July year before last)

 (based on income restrictions of children's allowance)

The number of support relatives

The ceiling

To salary income

Indication that we converted


(1) When the number of support relatives of the left tables surpasses five people

     Sum that this added 380,000 yen per one person to surpass

  We do this.

(2) ro to prescribe in Income Tax Law to support relatives of the left tables

     When there is spouse targeted for person subtraction or old man support relative

     Spouse that this is targeted for the old man subtraction concerned to the sum or old man

     We assume sum that we added 60,000 yen to per one support relative.

0 people

6,220,000 yen

 8,333,000 yen


6,600,000 yen

 8,756,000 yen

Two people

6,980,000 yen

 9,178,000 yen

Three people

7,360,000 yen

 9,600,000 yen

Four people

7,740,000 yen

 10,021,000 yen

Five people

8,120,000 yen

 10,421,000 yen


Range of the furtherance

In medical expenses when we hung over medical institutions, we support a part of the self-burden of the next medical service under health insurance.

  1. Infants hospitalization, temporary nursing at home, going to hospital (medical department, dentistry, composition, judo therapy) until before attendance at school
  2. The small, junior high student hospitalization, temporary nursing at home

We do not become a target of the furtherance

  • Standard burden (meal charges, residence costs at admission)
  • Basic use charges to affect temporary nursing at home
  • Insurance medical expenses (examination, vaccination, diaper, container charges, medical certificate charges) out of the application
  • When we receive protection required, associate pivot protection and have a medical examination for illness to establish in these
  • When we have injury by act of nursery school, kindergarten, injury at school and third party and have a medical examination

Co-payment (self-pay)

Child until before elementary school attendance at school Please pay co-payment (※ 1) at the time of the first medical examination at the limit first medical examination.
The small, junior high student In the case of municipal tax tax exemption household (※ 2), please pay co-payment (※ 1) at the time of the first medical examination at the limit first medical examination.
Person except the above, please pay the amount of 10% equivalency (※ 3) in medical expenses.


※In the case of medical department, in the case of 580 yen dentistry, co-payment is 510 yen at 1 first medical examination.

※All the members of household (including person of main living maintenance of household) calls case of municipal tax tax exemption 2 municipal tax tax exemption households.

※When it is the small, junior high student of payment for the amount of 3 10% equivalency, and net totals of co-payment for a month exceed 57,600 yen (the monthly basis ceiling),

    We can receive refund by application. (but 4 when, in the past 12 months, we exceeded the monthly basis ceiling more than three times

    The monthly basis ceiling after time eye is 44,400 yen.)


Area that identification of recipient can use

  • We can use with Kitami-shi, Kunneppu-cho, insurance medical institution of Oketo-cho. (please show "health insurance card" and "identification of child medical expenses recipient" together in windows such as insurance medical institutions.)
  • When we receive medical treatment in area except the above and pay self-burden of medical service under health insurance, we can receive refund of sum that deducted co-payment by application.


Thing necessary for procedure of registration application

Health insurance card When there is not health insurance card of the name of child at hand, even qualification is possible.
Written consent Signature of all the of belonging household of one, child maintaining applicant, living or signature sealing is necessary.
Income, taxation certificate Person of transference is necessary in belonging household of child (we include person of main living maintenance.). (thing with mention of ratable values such as the amount of income, deduction, support relative and residence tax)
※We cannot accept with withholding slip.
※When person of main living maintenance is taxed out of Kitami-shi, we are necessary. For more details, please refer.


※As we mail, about issuance of identification of recipient, it takes approximately 1 week after examination.

Thing necessary for procedure of refund

(1) Health insurance card
(2) Identification of recipient
(3) Receipt
(4) We understand the bank account in the name of protector
(5) When there is payment such as large amount allowance for family medical expenses from health insurance, the allowance decision letter of advice

When there is large amount of allowance for family medical expenses, addition benefit for medical expenses

When there is payment of large amount of allowance for family medical expenses, addition benefit for medical expenses by health insurance taking out, supporting Kyuubun does not become a target of the furtherance.

Several months of medical treatment month later, we ask for commission of the substitute receipt and may have you return allowance.

When it is paid from participation insurance directly or when there is notice of providing, please contact.

In the case of next, report is necessary.

  • When health insurance changed by changes of workplace, and sign, number of health insurance card changed
  • When person of main living maintenance (child who mainly maintains living) changed
  • When we moved to (we change address listed in identification of recipient.)
  • When we receive re-grant by loss of identification of recipient
    ※When qualification of recipient disappeared by transference, divorce, please return identification of recipient immediately.
    (in the case of divorce of "medical expenses subsidy program in the single-parent homes" it may be corresponded.)

"Thing necessary for report"

 Identification of health insurance card, child medical expenses recipient (seal may be necessary)

Procedure, inquiry

Person in charge of Health and Welfare Department National Health Insurance medical care section medical care furtherance Telephone 0157-25-1130
Tanno general branch office health welfare Division Telephone 0157-56-2117
Tokoro general branch office health welfare section Telephone 0152-54-2114
Rubeshibe general branch office Health Welfare Division Telephone 0157-42-2425