Reports when we became pregnant

April 1, 2016

If it turns out that we became pregnant, you get "pregnancy confirmation" with medical institution which you consulted, and, after filling out necessary matter, please submit to Kitami-shi (health center or each general branch office) immediately.

As I will hand paper of "pregnancy confirmation" after having filled in the expected date with medical institution which we consulted, please confirm to each medical institution when you had a medical examination.


About grant of mother and child health handbook, pregnant woman medical examination consultation vote

  As there are wanting to be careful during the pregnancy, explanation such as how to use, pregnant woman medical checkup consultation votes of mother and child health handbook, entry to "pregnancy notification form", we suffer for around 20 minutes.

   ◎Mother and child health handbook

    It is important notebook to use as health care of the pregnancy, delivery and record of growth of child for a long time.


   ◎Pregnant woman public medical checkup

    We support a part of the medical examination rate for public money.

  • Pregnant woman public medical checkup: For 14 times
  • Sonography: For six times

    ※But medical examination contents are different from the number of times of public expenditure by pregnancy week number.

    We match with mother and child health handbook and issue "consultation vote".

    We bring mother and child health handbook, and pregnant woman moved into from the Kitami suburbs come to grant window.

     We issue consultation vote of available Kitami-shi according to number in pregnancy week.

         ※When it is had a medical examination out of Hokkaido, we support medical examination expense by application after medical examination consultation.

         Please refer for application method at window.



  • Pregnancy confirmation
  • My notice of number card or personal number card
  • Documents (when visited an office agent like) that identity verification is made

   Identity verification documents and grant place   

※Please inform of inconvenient one on the telephone in the schedule mentioned above.



  • Kitami-shi Health and Welfare Department Health Promotion Section telephone 0157-23-8101
  • Tanno, Kitami-shi general branch office health welfare charging talk 0157-56-4005
  • Kitami-shi Tokoro general branch office health welfare charging talk 0152-54-2114
  • Rubeshibe, Kitami-shi general branch office health welfare charging talk 0157-42-2426