Announcement of recruitment of "Hokkaido wheat camping 2018 in Okhotsk" participants ※Business was finished safely.

July 13, 2018

It is event that we can learn about Okhotsk wheat happily deliciously! Wheat is used as raw materials such as bread or noodles widely, but Okhotsk including Kitami of the domestic finest

It is not known that it is wheat production center proud of quality and amount of production very much. It is participation for various programs including class of bread to learn from bus tour around field of wheat and popular shop chef

We send splendor and charm of Okhotsk wheat to all of the road, the whole country by having you do. All programs can participate in anyone.



 Application acceptance was finished on Wednesday, June 27. Thank you for your many applications. 2018.6.28



The date

 From Tuesday, July 10, 2018 to 11th Wednesday



 Hotel Kurobe, field of wheat in the city, Kitami synthesis wholesale center


Contents (※ details download the following brochure, and please confirm)

 1.Hokkaido wheat seminar

 2.Cooking class to learn from professional chef

 3.It is exchange meeting with noodle making craftsman wheat producer, confectionery, bread to produce

 4.Bus tour to look at field of wheat and the front line of selective breeding

 5.Bread class to learn from popular shop Boulanger


Offer period

 From Thursday, May 24, 2018 to Wednesday, June 27

 ※But it is the deadline as soon as it reaches capacity of each program.



We distribute in Machikita Odori Building the fourth floor or the first share government building whether brochure (application) has you download from the following. After filling out the requirements, apply for Okhotsk area promotion mechanism of window for exclusive use of application in FAX or e-mail. When application in FAX or e-mail is difficult, please contact the foundation over telephone. (telephone 0157-33-4581)

In addition, application is necessary for each program, and please be careful as participation fees are different.

In addition, please contact us for your inquiries except application including contents for program to Commercial and industrial sightseeing Department industry promotion section (the Hokkaido wheat camping 2018in Okhotsk executive committee secretariat).



Downloading of brochure (application) from this → Brochure [PDF: 1MB]

Downloading of application of word from this → 2018 wheat camping applications [DOCX: 229KB]

Application in e-mail to (for exclusive use of wheat camping application)



Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Hokkaido Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives, association of hokuren agricultural cooperative society, the Federation of Japan Confectionery Associations, Hokkaido noodle making cooperative, Okhotsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry meeting,




Nakamura firm, Okhotsk Kitami salt yakisoba oentai, Hokkaido small and medium size industrialist kindred soul society Okhotsk Branch, Hokkaido wheat camping in Tokachi executive committee, Ebetsu Seifun,

It is promotion Committee Kida Seifun, Yokoyama flour milling, Kitami-shi local products high added value


Industrial promotion section
Person in charge of meal industrial development (the Hokkaido wheat camping 2018in Okhotsk executive committee secretariat)
telephone: 0157-25-1210
facsimile: 0157-26-2712