Emergency information of child

June 10, 2016

About "sudden illness handbook of child"

Disease that child is rapid when had injury, is handbook which can make use of for judgment of consultation of first aid treatment and medical institution at home.
When child was born, we distribute handbook when health nurse visited the home of.

・ [sudden illness handbook of child] (we move in click)

   Emergency handbook of child 


About Hokkaido emergency pediatric service telephone consultation

In Hokkaido, child gets sudden sick in the night and should cope how at home when we are ill, or nurses advise whether you need medical institution consultation.

Consultation time: Every day from 7:00 p.m. next morning 8:00 (consultation is free, but call charge becomes user burden)

telephone: Speed dial "#8000" (IP telephone shines, and do not take from telephone and PHS)

    Or "011-232-1599"

For more details, Hokkaido health Welfare Division community medicine promotion station community medicine section homepage look at "guidance of Hokkaido emergency pediatric service telephone consultation". (we move to outside site)


About the poisoning 110th

When you swallow alien substance, please refer when you do not understand the emergency measure.
(reporting charges are free, but call charge becomes user burden)

・ 110th "072-727-2499" addicted to Osaka (365 days 24 hours)

・ 110th "029-852-9999" addicted to Tsukuba (365 days from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.)

・ Cigarette exclusive telephone "072-726-9922" (reporting with tape 365 days corresponding for 24 hours)


JAPAN PEDIATRIC SOCIETY "first aid of child" homepage

♦ We offer indication of judgment whether you consult hospital outside the consultation hours such as the night or holiday.

♦ Coping method according to symptom is explained clearly and can check that we confirm before medical examination.

♦ Target age is child until - 6 years old for one month after birth.

           Emergency web page of child

JAPAN PEDIATRIC SOCIETY "emergency (ONLINE-QQ) of child" (move to outside site)

           JAPAN PEDIATRIC SOCIETY "first aid of child"  



Community medicine measures room
telephone: 0157-25-1157