The 65th Kitami bonchimatsuri

June 18, 2018

The 65th Kitami bonchimatsuri poster data

The 65th Kitami bonchimatsuri poster data reading [JPG: 3MB]


 It is "Kitami bonchimatsuri" in the summer every year to be performed in July at the climax.

 "Colonial soldier-settlement size tug of war" and "child samba carnival" that youths dressed in loincloth pull 200 meters of ropes against each other with "dancing parade" where citizen parades around center of commerce with yukata look as a start

 "Civic concerts" are carried out.

 "Fireworks display" is held in riverbed of Tokoro River in order to give glory to the bonchimatsurino finale on the last day.


 For details, to this (no company) Kitami-shi Sightseeing Association HP)




Dancing parade


Colonial soldier-settlement size tug of war


Child samba carnival


Fireworks display


☆bonchimatsuri support business "beer & cafe bonchi village" /7 14 days a month from Saturday to 15th Sunday Kitami art culture hall width special venue                                  


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Kitami bonchimatsuri executive committee
1, Kita-3-johigashi, Kitami-shi Kitami Chamber of Commerce and Industry
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