We release Kitami-shi guide 2016 electronic book version

June 1, 2016

Kitami-shi guide 2016

 Kitami-shi and SCINEX issued as public-private collaboration business, and electronic book version of Kitami-shi guide 2016 who sent to family of everybody was completed. Please use.
 ※Distribution to home of Kitami-shi guide 2016 was finished. Sorry for your inconvenience, but one not to have arrived yet, please contact section (telephone 0157-25-1123) hearing civic voice


  • Information of three next fields is placed in Kitami-shi guide 2016. As source of information of life, please inflect.
  1. Attractive rediscovery of Kitami-shi guide - Kitami-shi 4 autonomous district, event, guide to the famous places
  2. Administrative guide - Government building guidance, procedure in city hall
  3. Life guide - medical institution, drugstore, life related information


 ※Kitami-shi and SCINEX issue this guide as public-private collaboration business. Expense that it costs for issuance is served for company, advertisement charges of all of companies

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