About the use manner of park (ask)

July 29, 2016

   Park                                                                                          Swing

   Park is "public space" that citizen shares.

   Please consider the following things so that everybody uses "park" comfortably.



[the following acts are prohibited by the regulations.] ※Thing which got permission of city separately is excluded


   ・What we injure park facilities and pollute.

   ・You injure tree in park, and gather flower.

   ・What we catch animal and fish such as bird or squirrel which are in park and hurt.

   ・Throw away "garbage" in park.

   ・Posting advertisement in park, and distributing.

   ・Enter no-go zone.

   ・Riding vehicle in park except parking space, keeping (we park).


    ※About vicious act including damage by intention such as graffiti or drinking fountain with spray

We may have cause person bear      restoration expense.




[manner to want you to protect when you use park]


   ・Please refrain from act to trouble other park users and neighborhood inhabitants.

    ※Particularly, please refrain from acts excited in early morning and the night.

   ・When you smoke, you do not do walking-smoking, and please take cigarette butt home by portable ashtrays by all means.

   ・When infant plays, please be accompanied by protector (adult).

   ・When you stroll in pet, you put reed by all means, and please take feces (feces) home.

   ・In hydrophilic facilities such as fountains, we hope that we do not play "bare foot" in shoes.

   ・Please refrain from roasted meat that you put cookers such as seven on the lawn directly.

    ※You spread board not to burn lawn and facilities, or please use fried stand with high leg.



[when we use park in group (20 or more)]


    ・When use in group including event (roasted meat) by neighborhood associations and excursion of school, nursery school, at Parks and Greenery Section window

    I would like procedure of "act application".

    ※It becomes application procedure at Parks and Greenery Section window (2-1, Kita-2-johigashi, Kitami-shi).

    ・About act application procedure, it is aimed for the use adjustment and promises use that we monopolized

Please note that it is not     thing.

        Therefore I would like adjustment between applicants when application repeats.

      ・On taking picture of others, donation activity, event, movie with product sales park ranger (Mayor Kitami)

        As permission may be necessary, please refer of this beforehand.


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Parks and Greenery Section
telephone: 0157-25-1139
facsimile: 0157-25-1207