Autumn building disaster prevention week

August 21, 2018

About autumn building disaster prevention week

... which is autumn building disaster prevention week from ... August 30 to September 5


  For building disaster prevention week, you prevent fire, earthquake, damage of building caused by landslides and human damage, and feel relieved

To secure space that can live, targeting at citizen's people the spread of disaster prevention knowledge in conjunction with building,

You plan disaster prevention-related laws and ordinances, well-known thorough system, and carry out for the purpose of contributing to promotion of disaster prevention measures of building


 Maintenance of building is duty of owner, manager.

 Let's perform safe check of building at this opportunity.


Safety measures of wall (wall made of blocks and wall of kumisekizo) attached to 1 building

   Not only collapse of wall caused by earthquake might produce casualties, but also for refuge and help, fire fighting after earthquake

 They might affect, and the safety measures are extremely important.

  By earthquake centering on North Osaka, two victims occurred.

  Let's check in reference to the following safely to collapse at the time of earthquake, and to prevent heavy damage from occurring.

  The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism: It is about safe check of wall of building


Earthquake-resistant diagnosis, promotion of earthquake-resistant repair of 2 houses, building

  Earthquake resistance promotion of house, building is urgent problem. Is earthquake centering on North Osaka on June 18 in this year; of majority

 Damage that centered on some damage to building occurred.

  Building before 1981 not to meet current earthquake-resistant standard by Kumamoto earthquake in 2016 was high collapse rate.

       As there is the following system in Kitami-shi, owner of target building, please utilize.

  Wooden house for free earthquake proofing diagnosis

  Supporting such as wooden house earthquake proofing repair


Promotion of disaster prevention measures such as setting of earthquake control driving device to 3 existing elevators

   In elevator large number of by earthquake centering on North Osaka that occurred on June 18, 2018 enclosure

 It occurred.

  Control driving device is September 28, 2009 at earthquake that elevator is implanted to doors of doorway automatically after earthquake sensor operates

 The setting is required from this.

  As for the owner, manager of elevator installed before it, I would like setting examination of control driving device at earthquake.


Appropriate maintenance maintenance for 4 existing buildings and thorough bulletin

    Survey, fire prevention equipment of special-use building (buildings which are particularly important in in fire prevention or hygiene in security), building facilities, elevator

 Let's perform inspection report of this regularly.

  As for the most of building accident that caused many victims, bulletin was not carried out, and maintenance was inappropriate.

  In addition, owner, manager who does not perform maintenance maintenance appropriately may be punished.

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