About recruitment of the 33rd frontier camping participants

June 11, 2018

In average year, we utilize period of summer vacation of the end of July and hold frontier camping in the Kitami-shi suburbs.
Do you not make memory through interchange between different age and natural experience-based activity only this summer?

As part of "contact business of five home training," we can participate in parent and child. ( What is contact business of five home training? )

Business summary

Sponsorship 33rd frontier camping executive committee


The cosponsorship came; see; local child society upbringing communication meeting


Holding date and time Saturday, July 28, 2018, 2 days and 1 night on 29th Sunday


Holding venue global experience facilities Wakahara (137, Yoshino, Tokorocho, Kitami-shi)
       ※We move by bus to venue.


Meeting Saturday, July 28, 2018 8:00
       Kitami-shi working youth home (2-1-68, Tokiwacho, Kitami-shi)


Dissolution Sunday, July 29, 2018 16:00
       Kitami-shi working youth home (2-1-68, Tokiwacho, Kitami-shi)


40 primary schoolchild - high school students resident in Kitami-shi targeted for application and parent
       But elementary school 1-3 years student becomes participation in parent and child.
       ※Offer closes as soon as we reach capacity.


Around 20 application breakdown primary schoolchildren, junior high student around ten, high school student around ten


Wake up, and experience, river are upbound activity contents fire, others made with campfire, candle


2,000 yen for entrance fee


After checking application method implementation guideline, offer essential point, please bring application and participation expense to following "application, reference".


Application deadline Friday, June 29, 2018


It recruits plan, preparations, members of the executive committee (volunteer) running of camping at any time.
For more details, please contact following "application, reference".


Application documents

 ・Implementation guideline implementation guideline [PDF: 4KB]


 ・Offer essential point offer essential point [PDF: 6KB]


 ・Application participation application [PDF: 8KB] (participation application [DOCX: 22KB])


State of camping of last year

Tug of war

We have fire Campfire
Tug of war We have fire Campfire folk dance


Application, reference

2-1, Odorinishi, Kitami-shi Machikita Odori Building the fourth floor
Person in charge of Kitami-shi Child Future Department Youth Division upbringing
TEL(0157) 33-1846
FAX(0157) 25-1621


Youth Division
Person in charge of upbringing
telephone: 0157-33-1846
facsimile: 0157-25-1621