Lake Saroma wakkaneichasenta

April 20, 2018

Lake Saroma wakkaneichasenta opens from Sunday, April 29.

Many flowers invite all of you this year.


We prepare regular rent-a-bicycle in nature center.

Please use for walk of wakka abiogenesis flower garden.

Carriage 1 which runs in Shinrinkoen

Of display of panel and diorama to introduce nature of wakka to in nature center building

There are others, break corner and stand, too. Please drop in in the middle of drive.

Break corner

Sightseeing carriage "dorimuwakka" plans service from June 1.

Popular sightseeing carriage which goes ahead through Palace of the Dragon King way slowly while letting ting-a-ling sound!

Do you not appreciate colorful flower relaxedly while being jolted in carriage?

Carriage 2 which runs in Shinrinkoen

The setting sun of Lake Saroma who saw from wakka abiogenesis flower garden

The setting sun



Nature center telephone 0152-54-3434

Person in charge of Tokoro general branch office industry section fisheries business and industry sightseeing telephone 0152-54-2140




Tokoro general branch office industry section
telephone: 0152-54-2140