Tokoro Shinrinkoen

April 20, 2018

Tokoro Shinrinkoen opens on Sunday, April 29.

We look forward to visiting of many of you this year.


100 years monument

We memorialized open basis 100 years and built. 100m above sea level, stairs are particular about 100 steps and 100, too.

We made in the image of bird, but resemble "scallop" for some reason.

Monument appearance 1

Monument appearance 2

Tokorocho that we looked at from monument


Barbecue house

We can take 120 people. Cooker rents. You prepare only ingredients, and come.

The barbecue house appearance


Barbecue house introspectiveness


Park golf course

We are proud of course full of changes of all 54 halls

Park golf course


 Shinrinkoen park golf course clubhouse telephone 0152-54-2004

 Person in charge of Tokoro general branch office industry section fisheries business and industry sightseeing telephone 0152-54-2140



Tokoro Shinrinkoen


Tokoro general branch office industry section
telephone: 0152-54-2140