Please be careful about outbreak of forest fire

May 2, 2018


Air dries and is season when there is the most number of outbreak of forest fire in one year  in spring.


 It occurred in Kitami-shi in April and occurs frequently this year in various places throughout the all of the road. 

 Most of fire causes depend on human carelessness including garbage firing and misbehavior of cigarette.

 Handling carelessness of fire may lead to outbreak of large-scale forest fire.


 To prevent forest fire,

* Of place and wind that might spread around near the dry grass when is strong,

 When air dries, do not use fire if possible.

* Confirm that you completely extinguish a fire after the use without leaving the place when we use fire.

* Never do playing with matches and littering of cigarette.

* Be careful about the handling of machine including heat generation of agriculture and forestry business machine enough.

 Let's be careful about nadoo defense, the handling of fire enough.



 In addition, as it is necessary to receive permission of the mayor when we perform field firing at the forest and the outskirts,

 Please apply to agriculture and forestry Maintenance Division or each general branch office industry section by all means.



 Field firing permission application [PDF: 74KB]


Agriculture and forestry Maintenance Division
Person in charge of forestry promotion
telephone: 0157-25-1143