About activity, recruitment of Community Revitalization Aid information

December 18, 2017

◇About system of Community Revitalization Aid


  In district where progress such as population decline or aging is remarkable, to plan maintenance, reinforcement of local power,

 Security of human resources becoming leading figure becomes particularly important problem.


  With Community Revitalization Aid, move resident's card in condition disadvantage areas of depopulated areas from area, of life

 Local public entity entrusts with person who moved base as "member of Community Revitalization Aid", and member is constant

 While living in area during period, and performing "regional cooperation activities" such as life support or agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry engagement of inhabitants,

 It is approach to plan domiciliation, fixation to the area.



◇Activities of Kitami-shi Community Revitalization Aid


 It is Kitami-shi now,


 ・Two "emigration concierges" who works on consultation duties and PR of Kitami-shi to affect emigration domiciliation

 ・One "Kitami-shi Community Revitalization Aid" (Tanno autonomous district agriculture section) which performs investigations about promotion of the acquisition and local agriculture into technique about agriculture


 But, we are active!


 Please refer to the following for detailed activity, recruitment of each member information.



◇Activity information about emigration domiciliation is Clik! with image! As for the consultation of emigration, leave it to "emigration concierge"!

Emigration concierge photograph


◇Offer information about Community Revitalization Aid (Tanno autonomous district agriculture section) is this in 2018! (we click image)

Recruitment of Tanno cooperation corpses photograph


◇Person wanting to know recruitment of Community Revitalization Aid (get out with rubeshibe spirit unit) information in 2018 is Clik! with image!

Get out with rubeshibe spirit; recruitment of units photograph



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