For blizzard damage, snow removing accident prevention

January 15, 2018

Blizzard caused by low pressure which developed very much occurs every year.

In addition, a lot of accidents during the snow-removal work at home occur.

Attention is necessary to prevent damage by blizzard and the snow-removal work in coming season.

Kitami Tokoro Line(March, 2013, prefectural road Kitami Tokoro Line)


Damage prevention such as blizzards

 When we are careful about weather information on the TV radio Internet, and blizzard is expected, it is the best measure for it to protect the body not to go out.

 We usually understand preventive measures against damage of blizzard, and let's possess in the case of emergency.


 To spend time safely in house

  • Let's prepare for portable stove, cassette cooker, flashlight, portable radio, heavy winter clothing-proof for blackout.
  • Portable stove, cassette cooker make ventilation better, and let's use.
  • For stops of case and distribution that cannot go out, let's store life articles such as medicine taking for food, drinking water, daily life.
  • Let's confirm the snow removing situation of the neighborhood of cylinders to supply and discharge such as FF-style heating machines regularly.


 When we go out by car out of necessity

  When we go out at the time of snowstorms, let's use public transport as much as possible.

  Let's be careful as follows out of necessity when we use car.

  • We confirm weather information and road information on cell-phone, smartphone, radio, and let's keep driving without unreasonableness depending on traffic condition in mind.
  • As weather takes a sudden turn by area during period, and car may be stranded, we prepare cold protection article, scoop, traction rope for car, and let's confirm that there is enough fuel in winter. In addition, we are reliable when drinking water and emergency rations prepare just in case.
  • If we drive by ground snowstorms and feel danger, let's wait for recovery of weather at road station, service station, convenience store without overdoing it.


 When car was not able to work in snowstorm

  • When car was stranded in heavy snow or drift, please ask for help by all means in houses nearby. In addition, you turn on hazard lamp, and please show a lot of cars.
  • When there are not place where we can evacuate to and house called for help, you contact firefighting (the 119th) and the police (the 110th) and you open windowpane a little and ventilate and do and warn carbon monoxide poisoning with exhaust gas, and please wait for help in car.
  • We put memos which we wrote contact information in the inside of car not to disturb the snow removing and rescue operation when we put car and evacuate and will keep on having touched key of car.


Accident prevention that is clearing of snow

 Accident such as being crushed under snow by fall from roof and accident, snow fall with snowplow at the time of snow-removal work such as homes in average year occurs.

 As the snow-removal work with snow removing and snowplow is accompanied with danger, we are careful enough, and let's act for accident prevention.


 When we do snow removing of roof

  • Work calls out to family, the neighborhood, and let's perform in two or more.
  • On low roof don't be careless. Lifeline and slipper, let's wear helmet.
  • Let's warn person and child passing bottom of roof.
  • Leave snow around building; and snow removing. Let's fix ladder.
  • It is to watch out as fine day. As snow of roof melts and is in danger of snow fall, let's be careful.


 When we use snowplow

  • Let's warn clothes not to be rolled up in machine.
  • At the time of machine trouble including time when snow was jam-packed, let's stop engine by all means.
  • Let's confirm the neighborhood including passerby and child.
  • We care for snow removing tool diligently, and let's check.


 Other instructions

  • When we go along bottom of roof, let's be careful about "snow" and "icicles".
  • We do not perform the snow-removal work forcibly, and let's be careful about health care at the time of the snow removing.
  • If blizzard warning and heavy snowfall warning are announced, ahead of going out, let's be careful about weather information.
  • It will prevent you from forgetting carrying such as cell-phones just in case.


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