Publication of Onneyu hot-spring resort reproduction maintenance plan business subsequent evaluation

June 29, 2017


□With city reproduction maintenance plan business

 It is intended that we plan improvement of quality of life of local resident and activation of regional economy, society by carrying out town development full of individuality utilized characteristics such as local history, culture, natural environments, and promoting reproduction of cities of the whole country effectively. We founded as "town development grant" system in 2004 and were integrated with social capital maintenance synthesis grant from 2010 and were placed as city reproduction maintenance plan business that was basic business.


□With subsequent evaluation

 We diagnose result by town development grant business objectively and are intended carrying out future town development by appropriate method and that we explain effect of business to citizen's all of you clearly.


□Publication of subsequent evaluation result

 We utilized town development grant system of country, and "Onneyu hot-spring resort revival plan business" that pushed forward business such as road maintenance and rebuilding of bridge, open space maintenance and aquarium move of mountain reconstruction at interval for five years from 2008 completed in 2012. We push forward work of "business evaluation" with completion of this business and announce as subsequent evaluation result was finished. Based on evaluation result, we will push forward unit-related town development that there is utilized local characteristic sequentially in future.


Rubeshibechoonneyuonsen district follow-up evaluation result (300KBytes)


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