Guidance of Kitami-shi government office Government building and parking lot

January 10, 2019

| Guidance of main procedure, consultation counter Machikita Odori Building Government building floor guide map

Guidance of Government building and parking lot

 After checking department, window of destination, come.

Parking lot map _20190109


●Machikita Odori Building multilevel parking garage, plane parking lot

  One using city hall becomes free for three hours. Take without forgetting stationed-in-bike-race ticket issued at parking lot entrance.
We seal with free stamp at city hall window for three hours.

・There is space for exclusive use of person with a physical disability
We install person with a physical disability parking lot in Machikita Odori Building side for two.
Machikita Odori Building plane parking lot moves


●Central shopping street designation parking lot

  We cooperate with central shopping street designation parking lot. We give free stationed-in-bike-race ticket depending on the time required at city hall window.
 Please show receipts issued at parking lot at city hall window.


 We look for from the next agency purpose

To window guidance page




We look for from the name of department and section

From open agency time asa 8:45 to evening 5:30

Machikita Odori Building Government building 090-8509 2-1, Odorinishi, Kitami-shi
4F Citizen Environment Department Family Register and Resident Section 25-1122

Person in charge of national pension

The general affairs department Municipal Tax Division 25-1114
Fixed Property Tax Division 25-1115
Tax payment section 25-1116
Health and Welfare Department General Affairs Division 33-1354
National Health Insurance medical care section 25-1130
Care welfare section 25-1144
Obstacle welfare section 25-1136
Social Welfare Section 25-1135
Child Future Department Child support section 25-1137
Nursery Center Administration Division 25-1625
Youth Division 33-1846
  Accounting Division 25-1163
5F Citizen Environment Department Environment Division 25-1131
Plan Finance Department IT promotion section 25-1118
Health and Welfare Department Temporary benefit person in charge 31-6552
Assembly secretariat General Affairs Division 25-1184
Proceedings Section 25-1185
Member of the Diet waiting room  
6F Municipal assembly assembly hall, committee room
Parking lot building 1F Audit Secretariat 25-1187
    New Government building maintenance promotion room 25-1256
First second share Government building 090-0024 4-2, Kita-4-johigashi, Kitami-shi
The first share Government building
2F Commercial and industrial sightseeing Department Commercial Administration Division 25-1148
Commercial Administration Division (person in charge of misgovernment leads to the impoverishment of the people employment)
Industrial promotion section 25-1210
1F Commercial and industrial sightseeing Department Tourism Promotion Section 25-1244
The general affairs department The city history chief editor 25-1039
The second share Government building
3F Agriculture and forestry Marine Products Department Agricultural administration section 25-1142
Marine Products Section 25-1106
2F Agriculture and forestry Marine Products Department Agriculture and forestry Maintenance Division 25-1143
1F Citizen Environment Department Ombudsman room 23-0844
The Kitami-shi Board of Education
2F School Education Department General Affairs Division 33-1742
School Education Division 33-1748
Curriculum and Guidance Section 33-1749
Social Education Department Lifelong Learning Division 33-1839
The Sports Division 33-1842

※The Kitami-shi Board of Education enters the second floor of Tanno general branch office. As we accept transfer procedure accompanied with moving with report of moving, it is not necessary to come to the Board of Education. Please refer to "School Education Division" (33-1748) for other attendance at school consultation (elementary school, junior high school) on the telephone in front of the next agency.

Kita-2-jo temporary Government building 090-8501 1-11, Kita-2-johigashi, Kitami-shi
4F The city Construction Department General Affairs Division
(public housing administration)
The construction Facility Planning Division 25-1154
Building Control Section 25-1155
City Planning Division 25-1152
Map, the land ownership chief editor 25-1104
3F Plan Finance Department The mayor, deputy mayor  
Mayor visitor's room, conference of a government office room ・
The first meeting room
Plan policy section 25-1103
Finance Section 25-1112
Secretarial Division 25-1102
Regional Promotion Division 25-1128
2F The general affairs department Personnel Section 25-1113
  The Kitami Consumers' Association 23-4043
1F Citizen Environment Department Section which hears civic voice 25-1123
Social movement section 25-1105
Civic Life Division 25-1149
  Reporter Kitami society municipal administration club 25-1195
Kitami-shi consumer service center 23-4013
Association of Kitami self-government society 25-1197
Annex 3F The city Construction Department Engineering works section 25-1161
Parks and Greenery Section 25-1139
Annex 2F The general affairs department Archives department 25-1209
Board of elections Election Administration Commission Secretariat 25-1191
Sakuracho temporary Government building 090-0804 2-9, Sakuramachi, Kitami-shi
Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau General-Management Planning Division 25-1119
General Affairs Division 25-1177
Water supply section 25-1180
Sewer section 25-1160
Water supply and drainage section 25-1179
Water and sewage rate center 25-1178
The general affairs department General Affairs Division 25-1110
Asset management section 33-1129
Contract Division 25-1242
Construction inspection room 25-1156
Disaster prevention Crisis-Management Division 25-1171
(general incorporated foundation) Kitami promotion public corporation
・Kitami land development public corporation

Other main departments

Health and Welfare Department Health Promotion Section 23-8101 〒090-0046 
2-1, Kita-6-jonishi, Kitami-shi
    The Kitami-shi health center
Community medicine measures room 25-1157
Waste and Recycling Affairs section 67-7676 〒090-0005 
298, Yamato, Kitami-shi
    The clean life center
Clean life center 67-7070
City Construction Department Road Administration Division 24-9311 〒090-0824 
443, Hokkou, Kitami-shi
   Kitami-shi Road Maintenance Center
The Board of Education School Lunch Division 66-5488 〒099-1587 
17-2, Hoji, Kitami-shi
   The Kitami City school meal center
First second Agricultural Committee Secretariat / farmland section 25-1190 〒090-0020
6-3, Odorihigashi, Kitami-shi


[request] Please refrain from entrance in city hall office (page)



Public Service Center

City hall duty

Issuance of resident's card, certification of a seal impression, family register certificate, income tax certificate

 We can pay city tax or water rate.


≪Opening day, opening time≫

Weekdays and holidays: From 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Saturday, Sunday: From 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


≪Closed day≫

Every Wednesday and the year-end and New Year holidays (12/31 - 1/5)


※We do not handle seal registration and various reports.

 Please confirm handling duties in this table.



3, Kita-3-jonishi, Kitami-shi naps building 1F


・Birth registration, marriage registration, presentation of divorce paper

・Presentation of notice of death, grant of cremation permit

・Payment such as city tax or water rate


※We become handled as agency to department in charge.

  Thank you for your understanding beforehand.



Machikita Odori Building Government building 1F (the import mouth side)




 General branch office

 Tanno general branch office. gif

Tanno general branch office


  471-1, Tannocho-2-ku, Kitami-shi

    Representative 56-2111

General Affairs Division 56-2113
Citizen Environment Division 56-2116
Health welfare section 56-2117
Industry section 56-4003
Construction section 56-4004
 Tokoro general branch office

Tokoro general branch office


  Tokorocho, Kitami-shi character Tokoro 323

   Representative 0152-54-2111

General Affairs Division 0152-54-2113
Citizen Environment Division 0152-54-2115
Health welfare section 0152-54-2114
Industry section 0152-54-2140
Construction section 0152-54-2116
 Rubeshibe general branch office. gif

Rubeshibe general branch office


  61, Rubeshibechokamimachi, Kitami-shi

    Representative 42-2421

General Affairs Division 42-2421
Citizen Environment Division 42-2424
Health welfare section 42-2425
Industry section 42-2430
Construction section 42-2464


 Branch, branch office

 Branch, branch office is different from central government office, general branch office in range of handling duties. Please confirm here.

 For more details, please refer to branch, branch office.

 Ainonai branch. gif higasiainonai
 Kamitokoro branch office  Nikoro branch office
 Onneyu Onsen branch


・Mizuho branch office
 091-0017 163-2, Rubeshibechomizuho
 Telephone 44-2240

・Hiyoshi branch office
 093-0334 218, Hiyoshi, Tokorocho
 Telephone 0152-63-8484



Whole Kitami-shi figure


| Guidance of main procedure, consultation counter Machikita Odori Building Government building floor guide map



●When you do not know, please refer to city hall main phone number.

When do not know; city hall main phone number 0157-23-7111