Kitami-shi Kitami ke hill Cemetery "combination cinerarium mound" 

July 11, 2016

Guidance of Kitami-shi Kitami ke hill Cemetery combination cinerarium mound

Cinerarium mound photograph

When we use joint cinerarium mound, we apply beforehand, and it is necessary to receive permission.
As you cannot lay in a tomb even if you just take bone to cinerarium mound, please be careful.
You have you confirm the following items, and you apply, and please file.

☆The fee for use

1.User (applicant) in the case of Kitami citizen   … It is 5,000 yen because of one fried bone
2.User (applicant) is case except Kitami citizen … It is 7,500 yen because of one fried bone

☆Terms of use (one corresponding to 1, 2, 3 either)

1.One (person who is Kitami citizen) that has address in Kitami-shi
2.One (person who was Kitami citizen) where person (bone which we are going to lay in a tomb) passed away had address in Kitami-shi
3.One that used cemetery, graveyard which Kitami-shi managed in the one that did not correspond to 1, 2 mentioned above

※We cannot use one without bone now.

☆Thing necessary for application

1.Resident's card (thing which permanent address was listed in) of user (applicant)
2.Cremation permit (or store certificate, reinterment permit) of person passed away
3.The fee for use (because of one body 5,000 yen or 7,500 yen)
4.Seal (even as for the private seal, possible)


1.Please submit use permit at the time of cinerarium by all means. When there is not presentation, we cannot lay in a tomb even if there is any reason.
2.I cannot return bone which I laid in a tomb. Please lay in a tomb after having talked with relative well.
3.We do not return the delivered fee for use.
4.Worship is free after the cinerarium, but please take votive offering, placing flowers home with you by all means.
5.About crematory urn, funerary urn after cinerarium, please take to go by all means.

※Please refer for joint cinerarium mound that use is hoped for at the following beforehand.

Person in charge of Kitami-shi citizen Environment Department Environment Division living environment
2-1, Odorinishi, Kitami-shi Machikita Odori Building the fifth floor
TEL 0157-25-1131 (directly)
FAX 0157-25-1215 (directly)