toryo park

August 25, 2015




 Park is said to be "municipal facilities" and carries important role to regain the richness on nature and contact mind and body for citizen living in city.

 Toryo park which was placed in that as "exercise park" in park of sports promotion of Kitami-shi with indoor facilities such as not only outdoor facilities such as baseball field, gridiron, tennis court, athletics field but also gymnasium, Budokan come central. In addition, running course and park golf course are maintained, too and become citizen's oasis.



  Facilities name Facilities summary Contact
Outdoor sport facilities Baseball field

Center 122m

The left and the right flanks     98m

(designated manager)



Telephone (0157) 24-9800

Gridiron 90m *130m
Tennis court

Rubber-ball eight

Rigid eight

Athletics field

Land league third kind official recognition in Japan

One lap of 400m 8 course

Inside Sports facilities Prefectural physical education center 46m *36m

(designated manager)

(public interest incorporated foundation) Association of Kitami-shi physical education


Telephone (0157) 23-3131

Municipal physical education center 34.5m *34.5m

・Two 1, Doba judo international standard amphitheaters

・For two 2, Doba kendo every direction expression venues

・Three beds of dojo studios (including karate, iaido)

・Multipurpose dojo studio (including sumo)

・Kyudo ground close mark 28m X 10 crowding

(designated manager)

Specific nonprofit undertaking corporation

  Association of Kitami-shi martial arts promotion

Telephone (0157) 57-3842

Park facilities  Park golf course 2 course 18 holes

Lifelong learning corner


Telephone (0157) 25-1174

Running course

Toryo park periphery approximately 1,300m

Athletics field periphery approximately 720m

Cf. chart below

○We can perform reading about the details such as the fee for use when we click facilities name.

○Parking lot is this → Toryo park parking lot [PDF: 82KB]






◇Transportation guide

○It is getting off in bus Toryo sports Park line "in front of Toryo sports park"

       When we use tennis court,

      We get off in Toryo sports park line "tennis court"

○From Kitami Station on foot approximately 30 minutes



Neighboring map(Toryo park)


The Sports Division
telephone: 0157-33-1842
facsimile: 0157-33-1745