About Kitami-shi new energy, energy-saving vision

June 29, 2017

 Based on opinion that all of you gave to by public comment, we devised "Kitami-shi new energy, energy saving vision" for the purpose of clarifying directionality of measure to modify future new energy and energy saving in Kitami-shi.
 As you can read from the following, please use.

[Kitami-shi new energy, energy-saving vision summary version]

Summary version. pdf(4.76MBytes)

[the main story of Kitami-shi new energy, energy-saving vision]

Cover, table of contents

Cover, table of contents. pdf(168KBytes)


Preface. pdf(182KBytes)

Basic way of thinking of Chapter 1 new energy, energy-saving vision

Chapter 1. pdf(342KBytes)

Regional characteristic of Chapter 2 Kitami-shi

Chapter 2. pdf(2.03MBytes)

The introduction situation of renewable energy in Chapter 3 Kitami-shi

Chapter 3. pdf(806KBytes)

Investigation into quantity of Chapter 4 energy demands and greenhouse gas discharge

Chapter 4. pdf(11.4MBytes)

Investigation into potentiality amount of energy of Chapter 5 Kitami-shi

Chapter 5. pdf(2.07MBytes)

Availability of Chapter 6 new energy

Chapter 6. pdf(4.97MBytes)

Saving energy of Chapter 7 Kitami-shi

Chapter 7. pdf(2.99MBytes)

Basic principles and promotion plan of Chapter 8 vision

Chapter 8 _1.pdf(392KBytes)
Chapter 8 _2.pdf(166KBytes)
Chapter 8 _3.pdf(1.4MBytes)

Collaborative promotion with Chapter 9 Kitami Institute of Technology

Chapter 9. pdf(3.48MBytes)


Document. pdf(5.26MBytes)


Glossary. pdf(702KBytes)

Progress until development

Progress until development. pdf(149KBytes)

Advanced example inspection

Advanced example inspection. pdf(662KBytes)

Kitami-shi new energy, energy-saving vision advisory committee committee list
Exploratory Committee committee list in Kitami-shi new energy, energy-saving vision agency

List. pdf(167KBytes)

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