August 17, 2012

When reference is not identified, have a seat to main phone number

Main phone number 0157-23-7111

Representative FAX number 0157-61-7400


Plan Finance Department

Thing about general plan of municipal administration and adjustmentThing about administrative evaluationThing about computerizationThing about basic policy of municipal administration

Thing about local promotionThing about budget, finance and administrative and financial reformThing about secretary and public relations

The general affairs department

Thing about ceremony, prize and commendationThing about propertyThing about statisticsThing about disaster prevention

Thing about established regulation and documentThing about contract contract of the purchase of article and constructionThing about editing of history of city

Thing about the staffCitizen of city street tax and thing about light vehicle taxThing about property taxThing about the tax payment

Thing about examination such as city ordering construction and inspectionIt is thing about Seki surukoto / city bus school bus to car for agency

Citizen Environment Department

Thing about public information, public hearing and civic consultationThing about consumer lifeThing about road safetyThing about waste

Thing about social movementThing about womanThing about international exchangeIt is thing about Seki surukoto / area community for civic collaboration

Thing about environmental hygiene, environmental conservationThing about family register and Basic Resident RegisterThing about national pension

Thing about branch and branch office

Health and Welfare Department

Thing about social welfareThing about care insuranceIt is thing about Seki surukoto / medical care payment in National Health Insurance

Thing about healthThing about welfareThing about Kamitokoro medical office

Child Future Department

It is thing about Seki surukoto / next-generation upbringing in nursery school

Thing about activity promotion of young people healthy upbringingThing about administration, management such as children's houses

Agriculture and forestry Marine Products Department

Thing about agriculture and the stock-raising industryThing about forestryThing about municipal ownership forestThing about fishery

Commercial and industrial sightseeing Department

Thing about commerce, industry and the mining industryThing about sightseeing and productThing about misgovernment leads to the impoverishment of the peopleThing about local industry

The city Construction Department

It is thing about Seki surukoto / city area redevelopment for Seki surukoto / land adjustment for general adjustment of city planning

It is thing about Seki surukoto / land ownership investigation business in road and river

It is thing about entering of Seki surukoto / public housing in street light associationThing about construction of public housing and public building and repair

Thing about building certification application, instruction such as buildings and consultationThing about park, green tract of land and tree planting

New Government building maintenance promotion room

It is thing about preparations for Seki surukoto / new Government building move and adjustment for progress management of new Government building construction

Community medicine measures room

It is thing about discussion with related organizations about Seki surukoto / community medicine for establishment of the community medicine system of Kitami-shi

Accounting Division

Thing about payment office work to creditor

School Education Department

It is thing about generalization / staff of a school of Seki surukoto / education budget and financial statements at Seki surukoto / school in the Board of Education

Thing about attendance at school of elementary and junior high schoolThing about school mealThing about operational management of lunch center

Social Education Department

Thing about maintenance plan of social education facilitiesLifelong learning, social education, thing about promotion of art, culture

It is Seki surukoto / physical education, sports instruction, the spread, thing about the leader training in physical education, sports-related facilities

It is thing about voluntary culture business of Seki surukoto / Kitami municipal hall in operational management of culture facilities

It is thing about Seki surukoto / cultural assets in business of the north net zone Cultural Center, Kitami peppermint Memorial, Pearson Memorial Hall

Thing about maintenance of public hall facilities and bikotobuki UniversityBook duties, thing about maintenance of library facilities

Agricultural Committee Secretariat

It is thing about Seki surukoto / farmland and farmer's pension in agriculture committee

Audit Secretariat

Thing about assistance to checkup committee office work

Assembly secretariat

It is thing about proceedings administration of Seki surukoto / municipal assembly for management of municipal assembly

Election Administration Commission Secretariat

Thing about management, the execution of election

Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau

Water supply, thing about budget, financial statements of sewer business accountsThing about designated construction shopThing about new establishment, remodeling construction of water supply

Be concerned with stop and start of Seki surukoto / water supply, the sewer to water rateBe concerned with tap water, water quality managementThing about the sewer

Disposal of sewage, thing about water quality management