About recruitment of interns of the 20th young man overseas deployment training (young man jet)

May 9, 2018

The 20th Kitami-shi young man overseas deployment training (young man jet)

Under recruitment of interns!

Flyer poster

Dispatch  Canadian Alberta bar head town others
Dispatch period  From Wednesday, October 3, 2018 to Wednesday, October 10 eight days (plan)
Offer object, the staff  It is almost work young man until 35 years old and four students from 18 years old
Expense burden  Around 240,000 yen (plan)
 ※We may change rate by travel expenses revisions.

 Homestay (3 days and 2 nights) in sisters friendship town bar head town
 The training according to intern group, curling interchange, visit to company, facilities (plan)

The training  We plan around six times of prior training.
 We carry out the subsequent training to carry out briefing session after the dispatch training.
The application deadline  It must arrive by 17:30 on Friday, May 25, 2018
Essential point, application

 Implementation guideline: The 20th implementation guideline [PDF: 122KB] (the 20th implementation guideline [DOC: 38KB])

 Offer essential point: Subscription for 20th essential point [PDF: 92KB] (subscription for 20th essential point [DOC: 38KB])

 Application style: Resume [PDF: 92KB]


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