We devised "review policy of Kitami-shi city planning road"

August 22, 2016


 City planning road supports smooth city activity and is root and trunk which forms frame of city area, and becomes valuable space of city-like municipal facilities.
 However, progress of recent population decline and low birthrate and aging, low growth of economy are original, and change may occur for the need and positioning when we made city planning decision, and examination for review is pushed forward nationwide.
 We inspected the need of plan or possibility of business generally and judged about city planning road of undevelopment in Kitami-shi and devised "review policy of Kitami-shi city planning road".
 Based on this policy, we are going to push forward procedure for city planning change in future.






■Review policy of city planning road


"Review policy of Kitami-shi city planning road" .pdf



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 *In addition, this review showed review policy of city planning road, and does not abolish existing road. 


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