Tomisato Dam

July 26, 2017

Tomisato Dam

 Tomisato Dam


Because hill slant zone that accounted for there being little precipitation and most of farmland in the farming period (from May to September) was covered in volcanic ashes-related soil, we improved land condition and planned production, increase of farm products, and, for the purpose of stability of farming, it was built as dam for agriculture to have 14 fa-mupondo and pipeline of total extension 102km with plan change of government management farm Zone synthesis reclamation pilot business Kitami district from 1978 by the Hokkaido development station.


Construction progress
Dam construction start April, 1978
Temporary displacement tonnage flannel start September, 1978
Body basics digging start May, 1979
Bank body laying earth on the ground start May, 1980
kosuito concrete casting start June, 1981
Head gate start June, 1982
Bank body laying earth on the ground completion September, 1982
Examination flooding start September, 1985
Flooding start September, 1986
In-service start May, 1987


Tomisato Dam specifications
Position 705, Honzawa, Kitami-shi, Hokkaido
River name 1 kyukawakawajoryokawasuikeijinkorokawa
Basin area 8.7km2
Bank body 
Form Central core model rock-fill dam
Bank High School 44.30m
Mayor of bank 280.00m
Bank volume 444000m3
Total pondage 2800000m3
Effective pondage 2630000m3
Surface of the water altitude 251.15m
Area that is filled with water 0.21km2



 PipelinePipeline which sends water to farmland from dam



Reel machineMobile reel machine which waters farmland with sent water from pipeline


The sprinkling situationThe sprinkling situation with sprinkler to semifix


Tomisato Dam


Agriculture and forestry Maintenance Division
Person in charge of farm village maintenance
telephone: 0157-25-1143
facsimile: 0157-25-1181