Public facilities of city establishing AED

November 10, 2017

We establish AED

We establish AED in the following public facilities in Kitami-shi.
As correspondence that moment is early is necessary, in emergency, I would like first aid treatment promptly.

It is ... with AED (automated external defibrillator).

When we fell into cardiac arrest state suddenly, we give heart electronic shocks and are medical equipment to correct in normal state.
※We became able to employ citizen except healthcare worker from July 1, 2004.


About rental when we use AED at information of class or various meetings of AED

Reference - Kitami district firefighting association firefighting headquarters defending charging talk 0157-25-1518


Public facilities (as of November, 2017) of city establishing AED

Because we establish AED indoors in each public facilities, we cannot use in principle outside closed day and opening time of facilities.
About "use of AED cooperation facilities having you cooperate about the use of citizen," please see "use of AED cooperation facilities AED map" of Kitami district firefighting association homepage.


Autonomous district name Facilities name Setting place Address
Kitami Machikita Odori Building Government building The fourth-floor window floor
The neighborhood of center
Odori west 2-1
Machikita Odori Building
Kitami Kita-2-jo temporary Government building Section which hears civic voice 1-11, Kita-2-johigashi
Kitami Sakuracho temporary Government building General affairs department General Affairs Division 2-9, Sakuracho
Kitami Aiuchi branch Office 109-3, Ainonaicho
Kitami Upper Tokoro branch office Office 682-1, Kamitokoro
Kitami jinkorodechosho Office 242-2, Nikorocho
Kitami Municipal physical education center Prefectural Kitami physical education
Center lobby
27, Touryocho
Kitami Civic warm water pool Monitoring room Odori east 8-1
Kitami Toryo park baseball field This clubroom 27, Touryocho
Kitami Toryo park athletics field Management ridge 27, Touryocho
Kitami Kitami-shi Budokan Office 27, Touryocho
Kitami East district citizen training center Office 1-1, Koenchou
Kitami South district citizen training center Office 3-2-21, Minaminakamachi
Kitami North district citizen training center Office 4-14-18, Koueihigashimachi
Kitami Koizumi district citizen training center Office 2-205-1, Shunkochou
Kitami Aiuchi district citizen training center Office 134-4, Ainonaicho
Kitami Kamitokoro district citizen training center Office 101-1, Kamitokoro
Kitami moiwasupotsuwarudo Office 396-1, Misono
Kitami Family land The ticket section
(from April to October)
Wakamatsu 638
Kitami Wakamatsu citizen skiing area Ski patrol office
(from November to March)
Wakamatsu 651
Kitami SUN-LIFE Kitami Office 5-1-16, Higashimiwa
Kitami Santo rye Kitami Office 1-12-2, Oroshimachi
Kitami Kitami citizen skating rink Management ridge 4-1, Koyouchou
Kitami Working youth home physical education room Office 2-1-68, Tokiwamachi
Kitami Kitami area vocational training center The front entrance side 5-1-4, Higashimiwa
Kitami Kitami civic center Office 2-1-10, Tokiwamachi
Kitami Art culture hall Office 1-2-22, Izumicho
Kitami North net zone Kitami Cultural Center Office 1, Koenchou
Kitami Central library The first floor
General counter
1-2-21, Izumicho
Kitami Central library green annex Office 1-2-2, Futabacho
The green tract of land ward inhabitants center
Kitami Health center Office (the third floor) 2-1, Kita-6-jonishi
Kitami East district public hall Office 6-1-22, Shunkochou
Kitami West district public hall Office 1-2-22, Nishitomicho
Kitami North district public hall Lobby 6-5-14, Kotobukicho
Kitami Miyama district inhabitants center Lobby 10-37-4, Miyamachominami
Kitami Civic center inhabitants center Lobby 1-9, Kita-9-johigashi
Kitami Green tract of land ward inhabitants center Lobby 1-2-2, Futabacho
Kitami Hokko district inhabitants center Lobby Hokko 330-28
Kitami Tokiwa district inhabitants center Lobby 5-6-3, Tokiwamachi
Kitami Takaei district inhabitants center Lobby 4-14-9, Koueinishimachi
Kitami South district inhabitants center Lobby 2-6-10, Minaminakamachi
Kitami North district inhabitants center Lobby 1-6-35, Hokushincho
Kitami East Aiuchi district inhabitants center Lobby 288-15, Higashiainonaicho
Kitami Kawahigashi inhabitants center Hot water supply room Kawahigashi 342
Kitami House of working woman Office 2-2-13, Miyoshicho
Kitami The Kitami peppermint Memorial Distillation building
1-7-28, Minaminakamachi
Kitami Kaisei oldness and industrial arts building Office 384, Kaisei
Kitami Ease Land Office 130-1, Kaminikoro
Kitami Clean life center Management ridge Yamato 298-12
Kitami Green center Office 4-40-3, Midorigaoka
Kitami Center Elementary School Staff room portico bottom 3-51, Chuoucho
Kitami West Elementary School Staff room 688-1, Tondenhigashimachi
Kitami East Elementary School Staff room Omachi 159-1
Kitami South Elementary School Staff room 3-2-40, Minaminakamachi
Kitami North Elementary School Staff room 6-1-20, Kotobukicho
Kitami Koizumi elementary school Staff room 6-4-51, Shunkochou
Kitami Miwa Elementary School Staff room 8-14-1, Chuomiwa
Kitami Takaei Elementary School Staff room 9-3-2, Koueinishimachi
Kitami Green elementary school Staff room 2-1-1, Midoricho
Kitami Hokko elementary school The principal's office 181-3, Nishikicho
Kitami Miyama Elementary School Staff room 9-36, Miyamachominami
Kitami Aiuchi Elementary School The principal's office 287, Ainonaicho
Kitami Taisho elementary school Staff room Taisho 64-2
Kitami Upper Tokoro Elementary School Staff room 28-1, Kamitokoro
Kitami Kaminikoro Elementary School The principal's office 108, Kaminikoro
Kitami East Aiuchi Elementary School The principal's office 178-10, Higashiainonaicho
Kitami Wakamatsu Elementary School Staff room Wakamatsu 155-5
Kitami Hodi elementary school Staff room Hodi 285-1
Kitami School in the south Staff room 1-2-64, Minamicho
Kitami Dongling Junior High School Staff room
Special support classes
173-1, Touryocho
Kitami Koizumi junior high school Staff room 32-26, Tabatacho
Kitami Light Nishinaka school Staff room 183-1, Koseichou
Kitami Kitanaka school Staff room 10-31-1, Miyamacho
Kitami Takaei Junior High School Staff room 10-12-1, Koueinishimachi
Kitami Hokko junior high school Staff room Hokko 328-12
Kitami Upper Tokoro Junior High School The principal's office 195, Hirosato
Kitami Aiuchi Junior High School The principal's office 15-1, Ainonaicho
Kitami East Aiuchi Junior High School The principal's office 25-8, Higashiainonaicho
Tanno Tanno general branch office Lobby 471-1, Tannocho-2-ku
Tanno Tanno library Counter 471-5, Tannocho-2-ku
Tanno Tanno-cho public hall Office 471-11, Tannocho-2-ku
Tanno Tanno-cho sun Dome 94 Rest room 233-2, Tannochotanno
Tanno Scholar of Tanno-cho agriculture training center Office 471-6, Tannocho-2-ku
Tanno gurinkuapaku exchange promotion center
(nontano hot water)
The front desk 792-1, Tannocho-2-ku
Tanno Ishikura interchange center Office 5, Tannochotanno
Tanno Tanno Elementary School The principal's office 1033-3, Tannocho-3-ku
Tanno Tanno Junior High School Staff room 1045-3, Tannocho-3-ku
Tokoro Tokoro general branch office Lobby Tokorocho character Tokoro 323
Tokoro Tokorocho sports center Office Tokorocho character 2, Tosa
Tokoro Multipurpose sports stadium in Machiya, Tokoro Rest room Tokorocho character 2, Tosa
Tokoro Tokorocho multi-purpose training center Office Tokorocho character 2-1, Tosa
Tokoro Tokorocho health warm water pool Watchman room
(from June to September)
Tokorocho character Tokoro 639-1
Tokoro Lake Saroma wakkaneichasenta Office
(from April to October)
242-1, Sakaeura, Tokorocho
Tokoro ADVICS Tokoro Curling Hall Office Tokorocho character 2, Tosa
Tokoro Tokorocho public hall Office Tokorocho character Tokoro 323
Tokoro Tokoro children's house The game room entrance side Tokorocho character Tokoro 557-1
Tokoro Tokoro Elementary School Health room portico bottom Tokorocho character Tokoro 503
Tokoro Brocade water elementary school Staff room Tokorocho character Gifu 329
Tokoro Riverside Elementary School Gymnasium portico bottom Tokorocho character Toyokawa 63
Tokoro Tokoro Junior High School The principal's office Tokorocho character 40-1, Tosa
Rubeshibe Rubeshibe general branch office Lobby 61, Rubeshibechokamimachi
Rubeshibe Rubeshibe-cho public hall Office 61, Rubeshibechokamimachi
Rubeshibe Every quarter stand Shinrinkoen Clubhouse
Reception counter
(from April to November)
74-8, Rubeshibechoasahikouen
Rubeshibe Every quarter stand skiing area Lodge reception counter
(from December to March)
74-6, Rubeshibechoasahikouen
Rubeshibe Rubeshibe-cho gymnasium Office 87, Rubeshibechoasahikouen
Rubeshibe Nursing home for the elderly static paradise Member of care
127-2, Rubeshibechosakaemachi
Rubeshibe Road station onneyu hot spring kamurin shop
1-4, Rubeshibechomatsuyama
Rubeshibe Rubeshibe library Office 97-4, Rubeshibechonakamachi
Rubeshibe Onneyu Onsen welfare center Office 111-2, Rubeshibechoonneyuonsen
Rubeshibe Rubeshibe Elementary School The principal's office 18, Rubeshibechosakaemachi
Rubeshibe Onneyu Elementary School Staff room 75, Rubeshibechoonneyuonsen
Rubeshibe Mizuho elementary and junior high school The principal's office 21, Rubeshibechomaruyama
Rubeshibe Rubeshibe Junior High School Staff room 193, Rubeshibechoasahinishi
Rubeshibe Onneyu Junior High School Staff room 228-2, Rubeshibechoonneyuonsen



General affairs department General Affairs Division
Person in charge of general affairs
telephone: 0157-25-1110
facsimile: 0157-25-6932