Hokkaido inheritance wakka abiogenesis flower garden

July 11, 2016


... which was paradise of flower that ... there spread out to the sea


● Hokkaido inheritance wakka abiogenesis flower garden ●


... that everlasting flower garden, time are over wakka ... it slowly 


 We come from that marsh springing out of fresh water matched "wakka" in meaning called "wakka o i" (= water a certain place) by Ainu in the middle of the sandbar.


 If there is the forest in wakka, and there is grassy place, and there is place where fresh water begins to spring out, and there is in sandy area, ecosystem is various.


 Road which passed to 24 kilometers to run through this sandbar performed traffic regulation to protect vegetation and ecosystem of wakka in 1991 and prohibited entry of public vehicles. As a result of regulation, there became little possibility such as dumping, effluent gas and oil leak of garbage from vehicle, seminal carry-on of weeds from other areas, the dilapidation by illegal dig.


 In addition, we adopt "wakka natural environments maintenance declaration" in former Tokorocho assembly in June, 1998. We expressed determination of town aiming at symbiosis with nature inside and outside the town.


 We inherited mind of "wakka natural environments maintenance declaration" accomplished in former Tokorocho in Kitami-shi and merger, June, 2009 in March, 2006 and declared as new Kitami-shi and decided that we conveyed beautiful nature of wakka abiogenesis flower garden in history for a long time.


 wakka attracts hot attention for not only the richness of the vegetation but also protection local approach.


 The "wakka natural environments maintenance declaration" whole sentence is this.




                 ◎wakka abiogenesis flower garden that borders Lake Saroma


 In "wakka abiogenesis flower garden appointed in area of Abashiri Seminational Park," Lake Saroma is separated from the Sea of Okhotsk from 200 meters in width by 700 meters, slim sandbar for 20 kilometers in length.

 Way via this sandbar was called "Palace of the Dragon King way" and has been got close to the sea for a long time as superb view which could consider lake in turn.

There is forest, and there is grassy plain, and flowers more than 300 kinds are in full glory when we include denizen in various ecosystem that dune and damp ground are mixed, and it is in breeding place of wild bird.  img066.jpg

  Flowering season of wakka abiogenesis flower garden is the late April and late September. Thermopsis lupinoides and ezofuuro, Corydalis ambigua show pretty flower.


 State ... this of current wakka

 ezosukashiyuri, ezozentei or sweetbrier are pretty and bloom and compete with the golden age of flower over the late June and mid-July to be.

 Above all, stock of ezosukashiyuri is scale only for here wakka, and orange large flower opens in one side.


 The current flowering situation is ... this

img029.jpg  As you prepare rent-a-bicycle and sightseeing carriage "dorimuwakka" in "wakkaneichasenta" in entrance of abiogenesis flower garden, please enjoy Nature slowly.
 Spring where begins to breed in fresh water is in wakka located between the Sea of Okhotsk and Lake Saroma and is called "water of holy water, wakka of flower".  wakkanomizu.jpg

 For environmental conservation of wakka abiogenesis flower garden, all the students of Tokoro High School perform the weed removal or garbage picking such as mugworts every year titled "clean up wakka" from 1984.

 Elderly people of "Okhotsk University" participates, too, and alternating current beyond generation is performed recently through wakka, too.

 It becomes course of "Lake Saroma 100 kilos ultramarathon" to be carried out in the last week in June, and flowers blooming in profusion support runner. DSCF006.JPG


                ◎Slight story ...

Origin of the name                         of "Palace of the Dragon King way"

 We praise nature of wakka saying, "it is not the Amanohashidate (Amano has dandy) ratio", and writer "Keigetsu Omachi" (Kochi native place) of Meiji comes from that we named "Palace of the Dragon King way".

 That means that nature of wakka was splendid from old days.

 You protect in history and must convey this splendid inheritance.

With "Hokkaido inheritance"

 Regardless of tangible formlessness including nature and the history in Hokkaido, we choose thing which wants to tell from various value in the next generation as "Hokkaido inheritance" and are people of Hokkaido exercise that it is said to push forward the making of Hokkaido with new charm through maintenance, utilization.

 Other than "wakka abiogenesis flower garden," "remains of Tokoro group is authorized to Hokkaido inheritance as "Okhotsk coast antiquity group", too".









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