Lake Saroma Wakka Nature Center

April 4, 2017

... beautiful natural flower garden ...

● Lake Saroma Wakka Nature Center ●



           ... that time passes abiogenesis flower garden slowly 



 wakka abiogenesis flower garden regulates entry of vehicles to protect precious vegetation.

 In wakkaneichasenta becoming base, it is center house to explore the scenery in wakka abiogenesis flower garden.

 We are fully equipped with guidance window and rest station, stand.


 State ... this of current wakka



 When take a walk through the abiogenesis flower garden in rent-a-bicycle and sightseeing carriage "dorimuwakka", can meet wild bird and animals; ...? 


 The current flowering situation is ... this




★ Lake Saroma Wakka Nature Center summary ★

Opening period

From  April 29 to Monday (Health Sports Day) of week second in October

Opening time  From 8:00 to 17:00 (as for from June to August until 18:00)
Admission  Free of charge
Parking lot  153 (free)
Rent-a-bicycle  320 yen lower than 650 yen primary schoolchild more than junior high student
Sightseeing carriage  It is 1,500 yen primary schoolchild 1,000 yen more than junior high student





★ Access ★



   Tokyo ⇔ Memanbetsu approximately one hour 45 minutes

   New Chitose ⇔ Memanbetsu approximately 50 minutes

   Osaka ⇔ Memanbetsu approximately two hours 30 minutes (seasonal service)

   Nagoya ⇔ Memanbetsu approximately two hours




   Abashiri ⇔ Tokoro approximately 45 minutes (Abashiri bus)

   Abashiri ⇔ Sakaeura approximately one hour (Abashiri bus)

   Kitami ⇔ Tokoro approximately one hour (Kitami Bus)

   Tokoro ⇔ Sakaeura approximately 15 minutes (Kitami municipal bus)




   From Sapporo approximately five hours (via Asahikawa Monbetsu Expressway)

   From Abashiri approximately one hour (Route 238)

   From Kitami approximately one hour (prefectural road Kitami Tokoro Line) 









◎Associated facilities


   tokoro town planning combination company wakka abiogenesis flower garden     Forest of wakka




Lake Saroma Wakka Nature Center


Tokoro general branch office industry section
Person in charge of fisheries business and industry sightseeing
telephone: 0152-54-2140
facsimile: 0152-54-3887