Public information came; see

February 26, 2020


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"Public information came sees, and, as for came, seeing, please see back number" public information before December, 2019 issue.


※It is possible for downloading of data free, but communication costs of user burden


  • It is distributed to families mainly through neighborhood association public information came to, seeing

For more details, please see "about public information kitamino distribution".


  • Setting place of public information paper

For more details, please see "about setting facilities of public information paper".


  • About serialization such as oldness and Kitami various topics

    Public information came; see, and sell serialization of back cover to pamphlet in a mass (section, general branch office citizen Environment Division hearing civic voice).

    List of pamphlets

    • Oldness and Kitami various topics    700 yen
    • Expanse and depth 1,000 yen of history of Kitami
    • Visit history of hometown; and 1,700 yen
    • Promenade of history       1,800 yen


  • About paid subscription

We send public information kitamioo to person that subscription is hoped for in to live outside Kitami-shi.

For more details, please ask section (TEL 0157-25-1123) hearing civic voice (subscription is necessary).