Delivery child care lump-sum payment

August 1, 2018

Person insured of National Health Insurance more than the fourth month of pregnancy when did delivery (regardless of birth, stillbirth) (more than 85 days), delivery child care lump sum is paid.


   It is 404,000 yen for one

In addition, latch is added, and, in the case of delivery (regardless of birth, stillbirth) after pregnancy 22 weeks, 420,000 yen is paid with medical institutions taking out obstetrics medical care compensation system.

[the amount of addition]

   It is 16,000 yen for one


Direct payment system to medical institution of delivery child care lump sum

It is system that city pays delivery expense to medical institution through association of Hokkaido National Health Insurance group society. In this way, burden to prepare for delivery expense at birth is reduced. As we perform procedure with medical institution, please consult.

When delivery expenses exceed delivery child care lump sum, person insured pays thing that we surpassed to medical institution.

When delivery expense does not reach delivery child care lump sum, please apply at National Health Insurance medical care section or general branch office health welfare section, branch, branch office as you pay the balance to person insured from city.



Thing necessary for application

 1 delivery child care lump sum supply application (as you issue in the case of report of delivery at city hall window, please report.)

 The following documents which are issued with 2 medical institutions

   ・Copy of document (consent brief) about Agency Agreement

   ・Copy of receipt, statement of delivery expense

 Documents (about identity verification documents) to be able to make identity verification of 3 applicants (family nurturer of National Health Insurance) into

   …In the case of agent, we confirm whether it is one that we can file for in identity verification and substitution of agent by proxy.

 4 my number cards (personal number card) or notice card (copy of resident's card which or my number was listed in)

   …"Family nurturer of National Health Insurance" and each "delivered one" thing are necessary.




When we do not use payment system directly


Please pay the total amount of delivery expense to medical institution.

As you provide with delivery child care lump sum after city gave application to, bring thing which is necessary for the application mentioned above.





Obstetrics medical care compensation system


We were founded as system to have both function of compensation for severe cerebral palsy child that developed in conjunction with delivery and functions of prevention of diagnostication, recurrence of cerebral palsy. All the parturient engines in way take out the system.


National Health Insurance medical care section
Person in charge of National Health Insurance charges
telephone: 0157-25-1130