July 1, 2016

◆Onocho (Gifu)

The partner date

October 3, 1998 (Heisei 10) (friendship town)

Partner opportunity

It is the ground of hometown of Gifu reclamation group that settled in Tokoro in 1898 (Meiji 31).

Summary of city

In the town of about 23,000 population to be almost located at the north end of west of strong tail plains, the north makes deep etsubisanji back and joins at the south end of town while the Neo River and the Ibi River flowing out of forest and valley of these mountains do after east and west.
There were rose, special product of Fuyu persimmon, and, in town where commerce and industry developed into mainly on agriculture, Gifu immigration settled and memorialized that 100 years passed after reclamation began, and it was in friendship-cho. State (rose park) of Onocho


State (rose park) of Onocho

Rose park. JPG


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