July 1, 2016

 Marumori-machi (Miyagi) 

The partner date

August 16, 1996 (Heisei 8) (sister city)

Partner opportunity

It is the birthplace of noh dance "Toyomi noh dance" to come to Toyomi district.

Summary of city

We are located at the southernmost tip of Miyagi and, in area that is the warmest in the prefecture at the north end of Abukuma Mountains, are town of approximately 14,000 population.
200 Daimachi old burial mound group distributed over hilly areas among Abukuma River and the branches is large old burial mound group of Tohoku district bending fingers that the above concentrates on.
Two towns 6 village is merged in 1954 and continues up to the present day, and Japan National Railways-maru forest line is opened as third sector Abukuma express in 1986, and enhancement of residential land development and tourist facility with this is planned.
There are many tourist facilities such as God of Fire Park, Abukuma River basin, prefectural nature park others of the virgin forest whole area of couple rock beech, Abukuma River line ship descent, sairiokushiki, too.

State of Marumori-machi 


   Abukuma line ship descent. jpg

 ▲Abukuma line ship descent


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