Bar head town

July 1, 2016

Bar head town (Canada Alberta)

The partner date

July 4, 1991 (Heisei 3) (sister city)

Partner opportunity

It depends on what was introduced in response to proposal about international exchange from commemorative project plan Committee through Hokkaido for Tokorocho open basis 100 years.

Summary of city

It is located to northwest 110km from state capital Edmonton City of federal Alberta, Canada. The history begins with crossing train connecting east and west in 1927, and population is approximately 4,000, and people with various races and culture live.
Industry is agriculture of farm products that wheat, crow wheat, barley, alfalfa and canola are important, and stock raising is run, too.
In addition, hiking and fishing are towns attractive at all for tourist including Athabaskan sand leech which it is possible for and people playing sports in sander lake with beach that is most suitable to enjoy waterskiing or wind surfing and wild Nature.

State (cityscape) of bar head town

Bar head town cityscape. JPG


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Social movement section
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