Elizabeth city

July 1, 2016

Elizabeth city (United States of America, New Jersey)

The partner date

June 12, 1969 (Showa 44) (sister city)

Partner opportunity

It is hometown of Pearson propagator who is the first foreigner who lived in Kitami-shi.

Summary of city

Is located at the northeastern part of United States of America, the Atlantic coast of New Jersey, of about 120,000 population there is a lot of greenery, and is beautiful city that was able to take of harmony.
There is from New York city by car within the range of 30 minutes, and it is the oldest, and private house from 200 through 300, the community building, church are saved as cultural assets of city after the building in the city as historic venerable city in state.
There are the harbor facilities of containership proud of world's best scale and production, the food industry are prosperous, and being connected with Japan is deep and develops as manufacturing town, the ocean city.

State (cityscape) of Elizabeth city

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Page (business of the 40th anniversary was finished) of business of the 40th anniversary of Kitami-shi, Elizabeth city sister city tie-up


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