The Rubeshibe autonomous district ranch (flower garden ranch, Yamato ranch) fee for use managed by Kitami-shi

August 16, 2016

(flower garden ranch) 549, Rubeshibechohanazono, Kitami-shi others
(Yamato ranch) 593, Rubeshibechoyamato, Kitami-shi others





≪Basic use rate >> (from April 1, 2011)

Pasturage charges
(because of one of them a day)
Cow We are younger than age age or older for 16 months for seven months 140 yen
16 months age or older 170 yen
    Horse 170 yen
Capture charges
(because of one of them during pasturage period)
    Artificial insemination cow 2,800 yen






Rubeshibe general branch office Industry Division
Person in charge of agricultural administration
telephone: 0157-42-2430