Urban development business

July 28, 2016

Urban development business

We plan maintenance of urban infrastructure, fireproofing of city, improvement of living environment and supply of city area house, and urban development business is intended to form healthy city.
Urban development business includes Urban District Redevelopment Project or land readjustment project.


Urban District Redevelopment Project

Urban District Redevelopment Project is business to create the community space by cooperation, high stratification of building, and to maintain public facilities such as road, park with reinforcement of disaster prevention function that superannuation wooden construction buildings of low-rise building crowd and that public facilities are insufficient and plan update of use of altitude and city function of land in the built-up area where use of land is subdivided.
Business technique includes two kinds of first-class Urban District Redevelopment Project by right conversion method and the second kind Urban District Redevelopment Project by site purchase method.


Land readjustment project

It is business for the purpose of forming healthy city area by changing division form and essence of land in constant area, and planning the use increase of residential land, and planning road, maintenance of public facilities such as parks, update of city function.

Land readjustment project of Kitami-shi



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