Municipal facilities plan

June 16, 2017

Municipal facilities plan

Municipal facilities support smooth city activity and plan improvement of convenience of city dweller, and it is frame of city in facilities (road, park, green tract of land, the sewer) needing maintenance to secure good city environment.
We set of city planning while planning use of land and other plans and alignment about scale and placement of facilities while securing synthesis-related unity.


Road is disaster prevention functions such as electricity, gas, lifelines such as water and sewage or urgent evacuation route at the time of disaster, frame of urban structure to form good city area environment and facility where it is as well as traffic function for everyday life and city activity.
With we repeat iku tabino changes after city planning road was decided by Kitami city planning in 1951 and are the present
We decide all 59 lines, total extension about 141km, and maintenance of about 115km (about 82% of maintenance rates) of those advances.
By Rubeshibe city planning, city planning road is decided in 1963, and we decide all 11 lines, total extension about 17km, and maintenance of about 12km (about 71% of maintenance rates) of those advances now.


Urban Expressway railroad

Consecutive grade separations business of JR Sekihoku Main Line was completed in the Western Province of Kitami city area in 1977, and cancellation of division and traffic jam of city area was planned.


Park, green tract of land, park cemetery

Park, green tract of land has various functions including good scenery constitution function, environmental conservation function, sports recreation function, disaster prevention function and is facilities which cannot lack in pushing forward the making of city.
Based on "Kitami-shi master plans for parks and open spaces" that we devised in 2010, we plan appropriate placement and maintenance of park, green tract of land and push forward maintenance, maintenance of green tract of land.

 Kitami-shi master plans for parks and open spaces


The sewer

The sewer is essential facility in supporting improvement of living environment, maintenance of the quality of the water, city activity including prevention of the inundation. It establishes drainage district, processing ground, pumping station and main kankyo in city planning and pushes forward maintenance integrally and generally.


Other municipal facilities

It establishes refuse dump, river, market in city planning as facilities which are essential to the making of city as well as the facilities mentioned above.

Tokoro river water system green tract of land basic plan



About report based on the parking lot method

Traffic barrier-free basics plan


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