The Rubeshibe autonomous district elderly person welfare center (Takasago Hall) fee for use

April 1, 2017


The Takasago Hall fee for use
Place: 285, Rubeshibechoonneyuonsen, Kitami-shi
≪Basic charge≫
For the purpose of welfare promotion or homage such as elderly people
User (group, individual) who performs meeting, event
Free of charge
Association of golden age club society or unit golden age club

 When we use in event that the mayor recognized as need in purpose except the above or business, the fee for use suffers.
Room name The basic fee for use (in one hour) Heating charges
(in one hour)
Hall 990 yen 210 yen
Recreation room 600 yen 140 yen

 When heating charges use heating, they collect.


The kotobuki Hall fee for use

Place: 114-2, Rubeshibechomiyashitacho, Kitami-shi

※We stop use about kotobuki Hall from April, 2015. 


Rubeshibe general branch office Health Welfare Division
Person in charge of community-based welfare
telephone: 0157-42-2425