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July 20, 2017

Purpose of city planning

City planning is doing that we plan the rational use of land with securing cultural city life and functional city activity with health and limit that therefore is appropriate with basic principles while planning healthy harmony with agriculture and forestry fishery.
The Town Planning and Zoning Act sets necessary matter about contents of plan about use of land, maintenance of municipal facilities and urban development business and decision procedure based on this idea and plans healthy development of city and orderly maintenance and is intended that kinsho of country contributes to development and increase of the public welfare that there is.


System of city planning

Firstly we appoint city planning area, and city planning devises master plan indicating image next in the future of city. Based on this, we establish plan about use of land and maintenance of municipal facilities, city planning which urban development business relates to, and regulation, instruction and city planning business of use of land are developed along this.


 ・Figure of system

 Figure of system


City planning area

You must make range of city clear to push forward town development premeditatedly. Therefore, in consideration for the current situation and changes such as natural social condition and population, use of land, traffic, we appoint city planning area generally as maintenance, area needing we develop and to keep in good condition as one city.
When is appointed in city planning area, group official regulations of the Town Planning and Zoning Act and Building Standard Act are applied, and development activity and building act are assigned to constant rule, and use of orderly land thereby realizes.
In Kitami-shi, we fix city planning area for a part of Kitami autonomous district and Rubeshibe autonomous district each.


Step of city planning of Kitami-shi

We perform decision of city planning road decision of restricted zone with what set city planning area throughout Notsuke cow town governorate in 1934 as a start in 1951 in 1950, and Kitami city planning continues up to the present day after the next change.
We set city planning area in 1960 and set city planning road in restricted zone, 1963 in 1977, and Rubeshibe city planning continues up to the present day.


Collection of city planning - data of Kitami-shi―


Decision procedure for city planning

At stage to make plan of city planning, it is decided to take measures to let you reflect opinion of inhabitants by public hearing or briefing session.

We are inspected, and, as for the plan, inhabitants can submit statement of position to plan notification. After having passed through the deliberation in council for city planning, plan is decided after necessary procedure.

In addition, Hokkaido establishes city planning which you should decide from broad-based standpoint, and Kitami-shi sets other city planning.



 ・Procedure flow figure

Change flow figure

City planning suggestion system

When landowner, town development NPO meet constant condition to plan promotion of voluntary town development of inhabitants in system founded by revision of the Town Planning and Zoning Act of 2002, it is system that can suggest city planning.

 1.Condition necessary for suggestion

  (1) Being land of 0.5 hectares or more group place

  (2) Meeting statutory standard about city planning

  (3) There are agreements of landowner 2/3 or more

 2.Style (consultation vote, proposal)

   ・Consultation vote (Portable Document Format)

   ・Proposal (Portable Document Format)


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