[finished] The 47th onneyu hot spring azalea Festival is held!

April 19, 2018

Azalea Festival title image



Period May 3, 2018 Thursday (holiday) - Sunday, May 6

Venue: Rubeshibechohanaoka, Kitami-shi onneyu hot spring Tutuzi Park special venue




           The 47th onneyu hot spring azalea Festival event schedule

   Event name



Mt. azalea Yamairi period From Tuesday, May 1 to 20th Sunday

Hokkaido natural monument, 70,000 stocks 280,000 are in full glory

We can enter "Myosotis sylvatica azalea stock".

Noted product "tunnel of flower" in fun!

Mt. azalea Yamairi time

From 9:00 to 18:00

(during azalea Festival period from 8:30 to 18:00)

Music broadcast  

Music broadcast (FM radio)

"We eat our way"

Stand land

May 3 Thursday (holiday) - 6th Sunday

From 11:00 to 15:00

Barbecued chicken, fried chicken, yakisoba, deep-fried takoyaki,

Beer, liquor, juice, udon, side others

tebura Jingisukan May 3 Thursday (holiday) - 5th (soil, celebration)

Mongolian mutton barbecue set (1,800 yen)

Gas ring for free rental

Golden Week

Game meet

May 5 (soil, celebration)

12:30 ...


Barbecue ・


Sunday, May 6

From 11:00 to 15:00

Even if as charcoal and cooker are set, we come empty-handed

We can enjoy authentic roasted meat!

※Advance ticket (roasted meat, Jingisukan 1,000 yen

     Hormone 500 yen)


Sunday, May 6

From 11:00 to 15:00

・Opening ceremony

・Sum drum performance

・YOSAKOI so orchid

・Songs and ballads show



"onneyu hot spring azalea Festival" is held this year!



Myosotis sylvatica azalea stock of 70,000 stocks, 280,000 welcomes when we set foot in "azalea mountain" of Hokkaido designation natural monument.


"We eat our way, and there are stand land" and "empty hands Mongolian mutton barbecue set" which can enjoy cherry blossom viewing even if we come empty-handed during period,

Commencing with "barbecue carnival" that roasted meat can enjoy by main festival on Sunday on 6th,

Drum and YOSAKOI so orchid, various attractions of songs and ballads show enliven festival.



Azalea mountain background

Azalea mountain

Photograph: State of azalea mountain during festival period



Azalea and cherry tree

Azalea and cherry tree

Photograph: Cherry tree and Myosotis sylvatica azalea on the azalea mountaintop



Eat the way; stand 2, Landes

Photograph: Eat the way; state of stand land



Scenery from azalea mountain

Photograph: Scenery from the azalea mountaintop top



Tunnel of flower

Photograph: In the azalea mountaintop neighborhood "tunnel of flower"



"Azalea mountain" where approximately 70,000 stocks, 280,000 Myosotis sylvatica azaleas bloom.

Only at flowering time, we can enter Myosotis sylvatica azalea stock of Hokkaido natural monument.


We plan Sunday, May 20 from Tuesday, May 1, 2018 during climbing a mountain period of this year.



Azalea 1


We enshrine azalea which can fully enjoy short spring of Hokkaido and look forward to visit of many people more.




Guide map

Venue guide map



Reference of "azalea Festival"

〒091-0170 111-2, Rubeshibechoonneyuonsen, Kitami-shi
The 47th onneyu hot spring azalea Festival executive committee secretariat (onneyu hot spring Tourism Association)
TEL 0157-45-2921 FAX 0157-57-1505

Reference of "azalea mountain"

〒091-0004 59, Rubeshibechokamimachi, Kitami-shi
Rubeshibe education office Lifelong Learning Division
TEL 0157-42-2723


onneyu hot spring "Tutuzi Park"