Sightseeing information of Rubeshibe autonomous district onneyu hot spring

July 20, 2016

Sightseeing information of onneyu hot spring

Please come to area onneyu hot spring of flower 


Area information of onneyu flower 

Myosotis sylvatica azalea
 Large stock in onneyu hot spring is greatest, and they are appointed to special natural monument of Hokkaido in way.
 It is koroga in full bloom in consecutive holidays of May in average year, but depends on weather at flowering time.
Scenery of large stock of Myosotis sylvatica azalea
Photograph with Myosotis sylvatica azalea as up
Rhododendron japonicum
 By 5,000 a year planted 15,000 Rhododendron japonicum in total by participation of local resident for tree-planting ceremony "green Festival" to roots backcountry skiing ground trace 2 hectares of the hot-spring resort back from every 1998.
 The middle of June is in full bloom.
One side is scenery of flower of Rhododendron japonicum
Flower game
 Approximately 20,000 blue flags which we obtained by transfer from Igari Jiro Taira of Kitami-shi in August, 1993 are planted by road station, onneyu hot spring. It is in full bloom from mid-July through early August in average year.
Flower game that blooms at road station


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